Below Deck Med: Chef Mathew Shea reveals his favorite Season 6 moment

Chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Mediterranean dishes his the moment that made him smile on the show.
It wasn’t all stress, fighting, and tension for chef Mathew on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Mathew Shea has revealed his favorite Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 moment as his journey nears the end.

The season has been filled with many ups and downs for Mathew, beginning with the first charter.

Mathew’s stress complied with a knee injury got the best of him. The chef missed the first day, forcing the crew to think on their feet.

Then in a drunken rage-filled rant, Mathew quit and left the Lady Michelle without telling anyone. Captain Sandy Yawn did give him another chance, but Mathew’s need to be validated has been overbearing.

Let’s not forget all of the chef’s drama with Lexi Wilson. It started with the dirt pile and ended with their heated fight at dinner that consisted of horrible things being said.

Although Mathew threatened to give Captain Sandy an ultimatum, him or Lexi, the chef didn’t follow through. The captain wasn’t pleased and gave him a stern lecture before finally firing Lexi.

It hasn’t been all drama for the chef. Now Mathew has shared the moment that the most to him on the Lady Michelle.

What was chef Mathew Shea’s favorite Below Deck Med moment?

During an Instagram Q&A session, Mathew was asked about his favorite memory from filming the show. The answer was easy and shouldn’t surprise Below Deck Mediterranean fans at all.

“Baking a cake with @robyorbison3rd was one of them for sure,” he replied, including a picture of the moment.

Mathew's favorite Below Deck Med moment.
Pic credit: @mathewshea/Instagram

Roy Orbison Jr. previously shared that the chef was great with two sons, Roy III and Beau, during their time on the Lady Michelle. The singer also gushed over Mathew’s food, calling him a five-star quality chef.

Chef Mathew adored his time with the Orbison boys

Last summer, after Roy and his family’s stint, finished airing on Bravo, the chef shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos that didn’t make it into the episodes.

The pictures were from the time Mathew and Roy III were making the cake. Beau joined in for a couple of pictures too.

“Had so much fun meeting the #orbisonfamily,” he captioned the photos.

Mathew hasn’t shared a slew of social media posts about his time on the show. The chef did give a shout out to David Pascoe, Lloyd Spencer, Zee” Dempers, Malia White, Courtney Veale, and Katie Flood, calling them the “real ones.”

It’s no doubt a dig at Lexi and stew Delaney Evans, who lasted a hot second on the show.

Chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Mediterranean has recalled his favorite memory from filming Season 6. There are only two episodes left in the season.

Then the explosive reunion show will air before fans bid adieu to Below Deck Med and say hello to Below Deck Season 9.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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