Below Deck Med: Chef Jack Luby opens up about Max Salvador friendship

Chef Jack Luby and Max Salvador on Below Deck Med Season 8
A browmance occurred on Below Deck Med Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med has brought a lot of drama on Season 8, but chef Jack Luby has shared it wasn’t all bad.

The tension with the interior crew has been a focal point of the season, with no end in sight.

Max Salvador also brought some chaos to the deck team when he arrived.

Thankfully, the deck crew appears to be working cohesively with Luka Brunton, Lara Du Preez, and Haleigh Gorman all finding their groove with Max.

One person who was a Max fan from the get-go was Jack, who recently opened up about their bromance.

It turns out that Max had Jack in stitches all season long, which was needed amid all the crew drama.

Below Deck Med star chef Jack Luby opens up about Max Salvador friendship

Speaking with Showbiz Cheatsheet, Jack got real about the bond he formed with Max during the filming of Below Deck Med Season 8.

Jack certainly became friends with Max, but that doesn’t mean the chef would want to work in the same department as his pal.

“I love Max to death. But I’ll be honest. That’s probably because I didn’t work with him directly,” Jack shared. “All this stuff, I didn’t see any of this stuff. All I see as you’ll see as the show goes on, you’ll see we have quite a funny dynamic in the galley because he just makes me laugh.”

The chef admitted it gets a bit lonely in the galley, revealing Max was there to help make the long days go by quicker. Jack is all about having Max around for the laughter factor.

“It’s like therapy. He just makes me laugh so much,” he expressed.

Jack revealed that because he’s so separate from the crew, he misses a lot of the drama. Therefore, he didn’t know much about the deck drama with Max until watching it back.

Despite not wanting to work with Max, Jack explained that he felt Max got a bad rap on the show.

Jack Luby defends Max Salvador’s on Below Deck Med

There’s no question that Max has gotten a bad rap on Below Deck Med, with many fans having a first impression of him that he was lazy. Jack feels that it simply wasn’t the right place for the deckhand.

“He’s in the wrong environment, I think,” the chef shared with Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Jack also explained that even though Max didn’t get the best rap from the show, there’s so much more to the Frenchman.

“He’s got a good heart. I mean, he’s got a bad rap now. But he is a good person deep down,” Jack spilled.

Chef Jack Luby may be happy to have Max Salvador around on Below Deck Med, but the deckhand’s days may be number. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Luka Brunton has a chat with Max that changes, and it leaves him shocked.

What do you think of Max? Has your opinion of him changed since he first appeared on the show?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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