Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn dishes on chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson ahead of reunion show

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Med weighs in on Lexi Wilson and Mathew Shea drama.
Captain Sandy has shared what she feels was the most volatile moment during Below Deck Med Season 6. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn has dished on chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson ahead of the Season 6 reunion show.

The captain missed a lot of pivotal moments during the filming of Below Deck Med Season 6. It’s one reason that Lexi wasn’t fired sooner. Captain Sandy has defended how she handled the situation many times.

Now, as the season comes to a close, Captain Sandy is shedding more light on what she didn’t realize about Lexi, Mathew, and the toxicity they brought to the crew.

Captain Sandy Yawn dishes Lexi Wilson’s Below Deck Med stint

The captain appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week. Andy immediately asked what she thought watching Lexi’s actions playing out onscreen, especially since Captain Sandy didn’t see it.

“Distrusting, and I wish that the crew would have really painted the picture for me,” Captain Sandy said. “Just hearing it’s bad isn’t a description of behavior. So, you know, in a position that I’m in, I need to know details. I never really got details until the end, and that’s when I let Lexi go.”

The next thing Andy wanted to dish about was the infamous hot-tub scene where Lexi put her boobs in Lloyd Spencer’s face and told bosun Malia White to stand down.

“I mean, you know I would say, alcohol is not Lexi’s friend, and I must admit every time I saw Lexi, she was doing her job. I never did witness that behavior, but watching it on television, the entire jacuzzi episode between all the crew was wild. I mean, it’s wild. I didn’t realize how wasted the crew got until I watched it, and you know, Lexi was out of line,” the captain expressed.

What did Captain Sandy say about chef Mathew Shea?

Chef Mathew managed to make it through the season. However, he caused a slew of problems, quit, needed to be coddled, and had drunken rage-filled rants that impacted the crew.

Andy asked the captain, who fired lower blows at the horrific crew dinner. Lexi or Mathew.

“Mat poked the bear…He’s good at poking the bear, and you know honestly, I would have fired them both having watched this because you know Mathew was part of the problem as well. You can’t egg people on. You need to diffuse, not infuse. All he did was keep adding material to burn to make a bigger flame,” she stated.

The captain isn’t there when the crew has their nights out on the town. After watching the crew night outs, Captain Sandy called watching Mathew during those moments was “most volatile crew experience I’ve ever witnessed watching a show.”

It’s pretty safe to say there’s no love lost between Captain Sandy Yawn and chef Mathew Shea.

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion trailer shows things between these two get quite heated. As for Lexi Wilson, she won’t be there, but she will definitely be talked about.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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