Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn admits Kyle Viljoen’s drama, dishes Season 8 crew and Hannah Ferrier

Captain Sandy Yawn on Watch What Happens Live
Captain Sandy spilled alot of Below Deck Med tea. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy Yawn got real about Kyle Viljoen and Hannah Ferrier as Season 8 of the hit show ended.

Captain Sandy stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night to talk all things Below Deck Med with Tumi Mhlongo.

In true Andy Cohen fashion, he didn’t hold back from getting the captain to dish some dirt on her current and former co-workers.

Two people who have caused problems for Captain Sandy over the years are Hannah and Kyle.

While Captain Sandy fired Hannah during Season 5, she gave pot stirrer Kyle a second chance during Season 8. Something Below Deck Med fans disagreed with after his pot-stirring ways caused so many problems between Natalya Scudder and Tumi.

Captain Sandy had thoughts on Hannah and Kyle; her words might surprise some people.

Below Deck Med Captain Sandy Yawn admits Kyle Viljoen’s drama

In a game of You’re Toast, Andy asked Captain Sandy a series of questions about her Below Deck Med Season 8 crew.

Captain Sandy weighed in on things like the deck team’s biggest misstep, which was, of course, not having all the toys out. That’s one of her biggest pet peeves, after all.

The captain also rated chef Jack Luby’s food and gave him an 8. Then, it got to the good part. Captain Sandy had to name who caused the most drama this season out of Kyle, Tumi, Natalya, Jessika Asai, and Lily Davison.

“Well, we all know it’s Kyle,” Captain Sandy replied after looking at Tumi a couple of times and getting called out by Andy.

Tumi agreed, adding, “I will say that watching it back. I am so surprised I actually didn’t see what was going on. I am more disappointed in it now that I didn’t realize how much he was stirring the pot.”

“I don’t think he can help himself,” Captain Sandy threw in. “He’s just. You know he’s Kyle.”

Things got even more interesting when Andy wanted to know who the captain wouldn’t work with again.

“I don’t want to say Kyle because I love to give everyone a chance,” she replied, but the look on her face said something completely different. Although Captain Sandy did add, “Kyle’s a great person, and he’s regretful.”

However, Captain Sandy also admitted Kyle’s attitude got under her skin the most this season.

Captain Sandy Yawn reveals what she misses about Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Med

During another game called The Haunting of the Shady Cucumber, Andy couldn’t help but make Captain Sandy say three things she missed about working with Hannah.

“Hannah, she’s great. Hannah was always great,” the captain spilled. “She’d come in my cabin, we’d have great conversations, and there was always the challenge, too. So, I miss both.”

Although Below Deck Med fans may see it differently, Captain Sandy insisted she and Hannah had a push-pull dynamic on the show.

Captain Sandy Yawn and the rest of the Mustique crew have said goodbye to Below Deck Med Season 8.

Next up for Below Deck fans is Season 11 of the OG show. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ben Willoughby teased some fallout of Season 10 on the new season.

What did you think of Captain Sandy’s remarks about Kyle and Hannah?

Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-8 are streaming on Peacock.

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2 months ago

Let’s just say Natalya was a huge pot stirrer and knew how to use him to deflect. C’mon!

2 months ago

I think Kyle should be gone. I believe Hannah should be given a second chance.