Below Deck: Katie Glaser sounds off on Ross McHarg and Alissa Humber flirting

Katie Glaser Below Deck Season 10
Katie has words for Alissa and Ross. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Katie Glaser has sounded off on Ross McHarg and Alissa Humber after they continued to drunk flirt with each other.

Katie has been embroiled in a boatmance with her boss Ross all season long, with them hooking up on last night’s episode after weeks of just kissing.

However, Alissa and Ross’ drunken behavior has put a serious damper on Katie’s romance with the bosun.

Things came to a head in the most recent episode when drunk Ross and Alissa crossed a line.

Following the episode, Katie appeared alongside Kate Chastain on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The host wasted no time dishing the dirt on the Katie, Ross, and Alissa drama, with Katie happily shading her colleagues.

Katie Glaser thinks Alissa Humber flirted with Ross McHarg on purpose

It seems that Alissa’s actions were more calculated than what Below Deck viewers saw on-screen, according to Katie anyway. The deckhand firmly believes Alissa flirted with Ross on purpose.

One fan question asked Katie if she felt Alissa targeted Ross because of Katie’s close friendship with Camille Lamb, who Alissa had tensions with until the deck/stew was fired.

“One hundred percent, she definitely knew what she was doing, for sure,” Katie expressed.

The deckhand also revealed that Alissa really likes to take little digs at Katie. Below Deck viewers have seen that Alissa repeatedly said Katie’s not as pretty as her.

Regarding the mud bud touchy-feely moments between Ross and Alissa, Katie calls it ridiculous.

“It was kind of ridiculous because he wants to bounce back and forth. And that’s stupid,” she stated.

What did Katie Glaser say about her Below Deck romance with Ross McHarg?

Katie admitted that Alissa was the hardest thing for her to deal with in her relationship with Ross and his drinking because that’s when his flirty ways would come out.

“My hardest thing was dealing with Alissa… Ross and Alissa. So, not that she’s a terrible person, but when it comes to boat romances, I’m worried about myself, and she tries to take him from me,” the deckhand said on WWHL.

Katie doesn’t only blame Alissa, though. Ross was not innocent, and Katie knows that. Katie also kept going back to him after Ross’ drunken actions, so that was on her too.

Katie was smitten with Ross from the beginning for many reasons, including his good looks and his leadership skills as a bosun.

“He definitely had more of a boss figure that was attractive to me,” Katie spilled.

There’s still plenty of Below Deck Season 10 to play out. Despite being annoyed with Ross McHarg at the moment, Katie Glaser teased that the drama with him, her, and Alissa Humber isn’t over just yet.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-12 are streaming on Peacock.

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