Below Deck: Jake Foulger opens up about mental health struggles amid Season 9 drama

Jake Foulger from Below Deck talks mental health journey.
There’s a whole other side to Jake that Below Deck fans haven’t seen on the show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Jake Foulger has opened up about his mental health struggles amid Season 9 drama on the hit yachting show.

Jake has made quite the impression on Below Deck fans this season. The lead deckhand has become known for getting naked often and his drunken hook-ups.

Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsey have set their sights on having drunken fun with Jake. There have even been a couple of three-way smooches caught on camera.

Yes, Below Deck fans can certainly count on Jake to bring the fun, shenanigans, and drama to the Bravo show.

Jake Foulger from Below Deck opens up about mental health struggles

On-screen, it may seem like Jake doesn’t have a care in the world. Off-screen, though, Jake has been battling his mental health demons.

Jake revealed what he’s been going through during In Instagram Q&A session. It started when one user asked why Jake thought he wouldn’t be asked back for another season of Below Deck. The London native revealed he had a “really f**ked year” that had nothing to do with the show.

Another user asked Jake his goal for 2022, which gave Below Deck fans more insight into his mental health struggle.

“Just to better myself. I’ve had a very hard year and have learned from all my mistakes and I will stay away from all the red flags now. So, my goal is to date and love myself and not give a f**k about anyone else. Time to be selfish,” he wrote.

Jake from Below Deck talks mental health struggles.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Has Jake’s mental health impacted him watching Below Deck Season 9?

There’s no question it isn’t easy for Below Deck crew members to watch their season play out on-screen. It’s even more challenging for those stars battling mental health.

Jake admitted in one of his Instagram Stories that he had stopped watching Below Deck Season 9 but did tune in for the most recent episode. The deckhand is focused on living in the moment.

The holiday season wasn’t the greatest for Jake either. When one fan asked what Santa brought him, Jake responded, “a sack full of depression.”

Jake talks living in the moment.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Jake Foulger from Below Deck Season 9 is the latest crew member to reveal he’s battling mental health issues and depression.

Throughout the yachting series and its spin-off’s many stars have shared their struggles in hopes of helping others. Below Deck Mediterranean alums David Pascoe, Hannah Ferrier, and Alex Radcliffe are just a few who have revealed their battles.

There’s still plenty of on-screen drama to play out as the second half of Below Deck Season 9 unfolds. The mid-season trailer is full of jaw-dropping moments. Plus, a new stew joins the crew creating a whole new dynamic with the group.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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