Below Deck: Jake Foulger auctions off thong he and Heather Chase wore on show

Jake Foulger from Below Deck is auctioning off the thong Heather Chase gave him to wear on show.
Jake is using his Below Deck fame to raise money for charity. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Jake Foulger auctions off thong he and Heather Chase wore on the show.

Season 9 of Below Deck has come to a close, with the reunion show officially ending the season earlier this week. Jake was not at the virtual event, something he announced ahead of the My Seanna gathering.

Now the lead deckhand has taken a prop from his time on Below Deck, and he’s using it to help out a cause close to his heart.

Below Deck’s Jake Foulger auctions off thong he and Heather Chase wore on show

Jake had many entertaining moments on the hit-yachting show. Several included him getting naked and barring his bum for the world to see when the crew had a night off.

There’s nothing shy about Jake, that’s for sure, which is why him wearing chief stew Heather’s thong was not a surprise. Jake specifically asked Heather if he could wear one of her thongs. Heather agreed and that night out consisted of Jake showing off his new piece of clothing.

It turns out Jake took the pink thong home when filming finished, and he’s putting it to good use.

“After an epic series of Bravo Below Deck Season 9 coming to an end and the amount of attention these little pink numbers got due to popular demand I am auctioning off the memorabilia and putting some of the money raised to a cause close to me personally,” Jake wrote in an Instagram Story with the pink thong around his head.

In another Instagram Story, Jake shared the link to the eBay listing he set up for those interested in buying the pick thong.

Jake auctions off thong on eBay.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Quite a few Below Deck fans are interested in the pink thong. As of publishing this article, the item had 27 bids and was priced at £102.00 or $138.

Jake reminds Below Deck fans Heather wore the pink thong too

To help gain interest in the pink thong auction, Jake shared a couple of other Instagram Stories featuring the auction item.

One picture was of him with Heather and had the caption, “Don’t forget @heatherkapiolani wore the thong as well.”

In another photo, the auction item was being worn by a dog, with the caption “What a cheeky little minx.” The dog doesn’t look too pleased to be a model for the pink thong.

Jake reminds fans Heather Chase wore it too.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Jake Foulger from Below Deck has set up an auction where fans can buy the pink thong of Heather Chase’s that he wore on the hit yachting show.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.