Below Deck: Izzy Wouters talks Rob Phillips feud and his awful behavior toward production

Below Deck's Izzy Wouters has slammed Rob Phillips for his actions on the show.
Izzy sheds more light on how Rob treated her and production during the filming of Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Izzy Wouters talks about her feud with Rob Phillips and his awful behavior toward production during Season 8 of the hit show.

There is no love lost between Rob and Izzy, that’s for sure. Rob’s reaction to her being named lead deckhand kicked off their feud. Izzy called him out for his behavior, while Rob claimed she raged at him when he tried to apologize for his actions.

Rob didn’t attend the Below Deck Season 8 reunion show, which he blamed on bad Wi-Fi on the island he was working on at the time. Izzy blasted him for not showing up, calling him a coward.

It’s been over a year since Izzy and Rob saw each other. However, her feelings about him have not changed at all.

Izzy talks Rob feud on Below Deck

On a recent episode of the IG series Pita Party, Izzy chatted with Alli Dore and Dani Soares about all things Below Deck. Izzy filled in for host Daisy Kelliher, who fans believe is filming Below Deck Season 3.

After Dani and Allie learned more about Izzy, the three ladies focused on the current episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. Alli brought up Zee Dempers discussing discrimination in the yachting industry and wanted to know if Izzy felt discriminated by Rob.

“Yeah, I mean, it was really interesting with the Rob thing because there was two sides to it. I don’t completely think he is a misogynistic a**hole. I think he definitely has a misogynistic to him,” Izzy shared.

The New Zealand native further stated that she felt Rob treated her differently because she was a woman. Izzy doesn’t think Rob would have reacted the same way if James Hough was named lead deckhand.

She also feels that Rob felt Izzy only got the promotion because production thought it would be good for storyline purposes.

Izzy sheds more light on Rob’s behavior toward production

Along with opening up about Rob’s treatment of her after Izzy was promoted, she also shed more light on the way he treated production.

“But with Rob as well, he didn’t want to be a part of it. I don’t know why he was there,” Izzy expressed. “He didn’t actively want to be part of the show. He didn’t really like what was going on. He didn’t like anything. He hated it and would like run away from like the mic guys who were trying to mic him up. He would be really rude to like hair and make-up.”

She even detailed an incident where producers had to take Rob outside to talk to him because he was mistreating a cameraman. Overall, Izzy feels his actions were so unnecessary because he was the one who agreed to be on a reality TV show.

“He was really rude, and it’s not necessary because it’s like you signed up to do this. And you can’t say you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into because you literally signed up for a TV show. Like it is what it is,” Izzy stated.

Izzy Wouters spilling more tea on Rob Phillips’ behavior toward production comes hot on the heels of Ashling Lorger declaring chef Rachel Hargrove was foul to production during Season 8 of Below Deck.

Although Rachel hasn’t commented on Ashling’s claims, it was just revealed the chef is back for Below Deck Season 9 this fall.

Are you Team Izzy or Team Rob?

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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