Below Deck: Here’s what happens in the first five minutes of Season 9 premiere

Meet the Below Deck Season 9 crew in first five minutes of premiere.
Season 9 begins like no other season in Below Deck history. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 9 premieres in just a couple of days, and now fans have a glimpse at what happens in the first five minutes of the show.

The upcoming season of the OG show kicks off like never before in franchise history, without Captain Lee Rosbach.

In Season 8 of Below Deck, Captain Lee wasn’t on the My Seanna when bosun Eddie Lucas came on board. Captain Lee was at the hospital but did return in time for the first group of charter guests.

Unfortunately in Season 9, the stud of the sea doesn’t make it for the first charter. Captain Sean Meagher steps in until Captain Lee can get to St. Kitts.

Eddie is the first to meet the new captain. They do a quick walk-through of the deck with Eddie making it clear he’s not too sure about his new boss.

Side note, Captain Sean seems like a super nice and funny guy. He’s just very different than Captain Lee.

Oh, and Eddie’s reaction to learning chef Rachel Hargrove is back is priceless.

The interior crew arrives

Next to board the luxury yacht is new chief stew Heather Chase, who is blunt and to the point. Below Deck, viewers learn Heather cleaned dildos once on a yacht. Then she has a pleasant exchange with Captain Sean as they discuss her interior team.

Stew Fraser Olender arrives next, and he’s not impressed with the My Seanna at all. Soon Jessica Albert comes aboard and meets Fraser. They are Heather’s interior team.

Fraser reveals this is only the second boat he’s worked on. He’s also a perfectionist and a bit of a snob. Jessica has been in yachting for five years but has worked as a single stew.

The dynamic between Heather, Fraser, and Jessica will be interesting for sure. All bets are on these three butting heads pretty quickly.

Meet Eddie’s deck team

While Eddie sits in the crew mess looking for his deck crew resumes, the first member of his team arrives. Rayna Lindsey walks around the deck until deckhand Jake Foulger shows up.

Watch for a Jake and Rayna boatmance because these two are fawning all over each other. They chat for a little bit, with Rayna spilling she’s only been in yachting a few months. However, she has spent time working on fishing boats.

Wes O’Dell is the last of the deck team to arrive. It turns out Wes has been a captain on sailboats, but this is his first luxury yacht gig.

Oh yes, Eddie has a pretty green deck team except for Jake. The first officer has his work cut out with the crew for sure.

Chef Rachel didn’t appear in the preview clip. She will no doubt make a grand entrance.

To watch the first five minutes of Below Deck Season 9, click here.

Who’s ready for the OG yachting show to return?

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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