Below Deck guest gets ‘drunk and creepy’ with second stew Simone Mashile

Simone Mashile on Below Deck has trouble with a charter guest.
Below deck second stew Simone Mashile is the object of a charter guest affection. Pic credit: Bravo

Second, Simon Mashile received some unwanted ‘drunk and creepy’ attention from a charter guest on Below Deck.

Michael Blackton is the primary of the current charter group. He is a Florida State alum who books the Valor for him and a group of his college buddies.

The crew of men and women appear to have two goals on the trip. First up is the intention to get drunk. Second is getting laid in any way possible.

Captain Lee Rosbach warns chief stew Kate Chastain and chef Kevin Dobson during their meeting that the next charter will be crazy. The guests are nothing more than former frat guys and sorority girls trying to relive their glory days.

One of the requests from the primary charter guest is a “college-style” party that includes jello-shots.

As Michael and crew are walking down the dock to the Valor, it becomes clear — the group is going to be trouble. The alcohol starts flowing, and the shenanigans begin as soon as the guests board the yacht.

There is no question the group is full of people with loads of money, desperate for attention, and entitled to get whatever they want. One lady has made it clear she wants a piece of Ashton Pienaar. She is not shy about letting him know her intention to see him naked.

Simone immediately becomes the object of the primary, Michael’s affection. He comments on her beauty, inappropriately at times, to his buddies. The first glimpse of Michael’s infatuation becomes apparent after taking Simone’s ring-finger in his hand. He then expresses her ring size is six.

The primary didn’t cross a line on the most recent episode. However, in the preview video for the next episode of Below Deck, the guest gets drunk and creepy.

His behavior is so out of line that Kate pulls Simone off stew duties. It is Pirate Day, and the group’s actions get out of control as soon as they wake up.

Michael declares he is in love with Simone. He also jokes when the group goes shark diving, Michael will be the shark, and Simone can be the diver. She blows off his comment with an “OMG.” Then he remarked about “once you go white,” which was the last straw for Kate.

There are also clips of Michael gyrating when he talks about Simone. It is going to make for an interesting last day on the charter.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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