Below Deck gets a new bosun, E.J., and Nico is not happy

E.J. on Below Deck
E.J. the new bosun on Below Deck, who has previously worked with Captain Lee

The crew on Below Deck get a massive surprise this week when a new bosun, E.J., is hired by Captain Lee Rosbach — and lead deckhand Nico Scholly is not happy.

Captain Lee has worked with E.J. before, and says by hiring him he knows what he’s going to get.

It comes after the captain said there was going to be a “reconfiguration” on the boat — but Nico, the lead deckhand, is not best pleased at the decision as he thinks he is up to the job.

Captain Lee says in an interview with producers: “I’ve known E.J. for a few years, and we’ve worked together on charters so it’s a package where I know what I’m getting.”

After his arrival, Capt Lee invites E.J. up for a talk and tells him: “Speaking of boats, we’ve got our hands full with this one. The crew is extremely green, so that’s why you’re here, because I need some help.”

He adds in an interview: “Nico’s doing a good job but he’s not at the bosun level yet. And until he’s ready, he’s going to stay as lead deckhand.”

When Nico finds out a new crew member has arrived, he is immediately dubious, saying: “What? Who?” His face then turns when Baker Manning tells him it’s “apparently the new bosun”.

Nico looking angry on Below Deck
Nico’s face after he finds out that E.J. is going to be the new bosun

Captain Lee tells E.J., referring to Nico: “Your job as bosun is to get him up to speed. And if we can’t get him up to speed, we’re going to start getting rid of people.”

Nico is then called up to meet his new bosun, but he is not impressed.

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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