Below Deck: Fraser Olender talks Jake Foulger kiss, shares why he was upset the next day

Fraser Olender from Below Deck reflects on Jake Foulger kiss.
Fraser has spilled the tea on his steamy smooch with Jake and where they stand today. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star, Fraser Olender talks about his steamy kiss with Jake Foulger and shares why he was so upset the next day.

Jake and Fraser’s van smooch has been one hot topic on Below Deck Season 9. The two men kissed on a dare, but it was hot and heavier than any of their colleagues anticipated.

Their kiss occurred on a crew night that involved a lot of drinks. The next day neither one of them remembered playing tonsil hockey. Fraser and Jake were quickly filled in on the evening’s events.

While the lead deckhand took it all in stride, the stew was very upset and freaking out over the kiss. Now Fraser is shedding light on the incident.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender talks Jake Foulger steamy kiss

Fraser stopped by Behind the Velvet Rope podcast to chat with host David Yontef. The infamous kiss was brought up with Fraser explaining what went down.

“It was a dare. You can see that I’m a little bit out of it. I’ve had a bit to drink. We’ve just been swimming in the restaurant pool, which is highly unacceptable, but it happened, and it was lots of fun. Yeah, weirdly enough, I don’t think I’d eaten much that day,” Fraser spilled.

The stew explained he had no recollection of the kiss until the following day. Fraser shared that he reacted the way he did to the news because of his friendship and connection with Jake.

“I can’t tell you how much that hit me in such an odd place. Like I felt really, really uncomfortable. And that’s based on the fact that I hadn’t spoken to Jake that day. I didn’t even remember it happening. And I put my relationship with Jake in a place where I had no control of it anymore,” he expressed. “And we had such a great connection. I thought that maybe he thought I was into him, or maybe he thought I didn’t. I didn’t know the context.”

Fraser opens up about chemistry with Jake on Below Deck

Looking back on the kiss now, Fraser has nothing but positive things to say about it.

“Everything is fine, and it goes well, but yeah, he’s good, he’s a good-looking guy and lovely guy with a steamy kiss. It was great. It was great to look back on. Do you know? I wasn’t, I wasn’t actually as embarrassed,” the England native dished.

Fraser admitted there is a chemistry between him and Jake. Below Deck fans will need to watch to see what exactly that means.

“There was chemistry with Jake and I, whether that’s on a friendship level,” he added. “I mean, watch the end of the season. You’ll see where it goes. But there was always a little something there between us too.”

Whatever happens next with Jake Foulger and Fraser Olender one thing is for sure: there will be so much to talk about at the Below Deck Season 9 reunion.

Not only did the steamy kiss happen, but new drama has erupted between Rayna Lindsey and Heather Chase after the latter said the N-word. Heather has apologized for using the racial slur. Meanwhile, Rayna has been speaking her truth and is calling out Bravo, Eddie Lucas, and Captain Lee Rosbach.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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