Below Deck fans sound off on Fraser involving Captain Kerry in Barbie feud

Fraser Olender on Below Deck Season 11
Fraser has fans buzzing after his Below Deck actions. Pic credit: Bravo

Fraser Olender has given Below Deck fans something to talk about, thanks to his feud with Stew Barbie Pascual.

Season 11 of Below Deck has been moving right along with the most recent episode seeing the drama involving Barbie heightened.

Barbie has proven she’s a good stew who can get the job done, except, of course, when it comes to making margaritas.

However, not everyone is on board with her attitude, which has become too much for Fraser.

The side marks and pushback from Barbie had Fraser running to Captain Kerry Titheradge sharing he’s had enough.

While Below Deck viewers wait to see the fallout of that chat, X (formerly Twitter) has been on fire with fans sharing their thoughts on what Fraser did.

Below Deck fans sound off on Fraser involving Captain Kerry in Barbie feud

“Fraser, you’re being a damn drama queen. Enough of the lies to Captain. How about telling him all the screw ups that your favorite lil’ blond Cat is making? At least Barbie is DOING her job & not having her work doublechecked by the other stew becuz it’s done WRONG #BelowDeck,” read one X.

Another X declared Fraser’s being a baby, while a different one was confused about how things got to the point of Fraser running to the captain. After all Cat Baugh is lacking as a stew.

BD fans sound off on Fraser
Pic credit: @LadyTi88/@JustaWorm72/@joyettalynn/X

Fraser was also called out for how hard he’s being on Barbie, with the X user including the perfect Kate Chastain GIF.

“#BelowDeck not sure why Fraser is having issues with Barbie. Cat’s the issue. She’s slow and she’s the bitchy one imho. He’ll find out how little she does if he gets rid of Barbie. Can’t stand Ben and that stupid grin.” said an X.

There was a X user who felt that it was way too soon for Fraser to be running to Captain Kerry over Barbie.

Not everyone was piling on Fraser, though, as many Below Deck fans are here for this new assertive version of the chief stew.

Below Deck fans cheer on the new Fraser Olender

“#BELOWDECK: i like this fraser. he’s still nice but assertive. he’s not gonna let anyone walk over him like last season.” wrote an X user.

A different X user was happy to see Fraser put Barbie in her place.

““I don’t wanna hear that snap back babe.” Fraser ain’t playing around this season! #belowdeck,” said a Fraser supporter.

Fraser was even given props for how he has come into his own as a chief stew and isn’t taking any crap from anyone this season.

It’s been an interesting few episodes, that’s for sure, and we were left with a cliffhanger of whether Fraser Olender gets Captain Kerry Titheradge to fire Barbie Pascual.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Kerry claims there are a record number of firings on Below Deck Season 11. Below Deck, fans have also weighed in on who they think will go first, and it wasn’t Barbie.

Are you Team Fraser or Team Barbie in this Below Deck feud?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 month ago

I am not a Fraser fan he is a drama queen and a whiny baby who can’t do his job Kat is slow and lazy and a cry baby and trouble maker she just wants to get Barbie in trouble