Below Deck fans sound off on chef Rachel Hargrove’s Season 10 behavior

Chef Rachel Hargrove Below Deck Season 10
Rachel has made quite an impression on Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have sounded off on chef Rachel Hargrove’s behavior on Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

The third time doesn’t appear to be a charm for Rachel.

Rachel debuted on Below Deck Season 8, where she shared her now infamous phrase “eat my cooter” and quit in a rage-filled rant in front of Captain Lee Rosbach before a charter.

She redeemed herself on Season 9, where she did her best to stay out of the drama and focus on the food.

Below Deck Season 10, though, has brought mixed reviews about the chef, who has become thick as thieves with Captain Sandy and continues to throw the interior crew under the bus.

Chief stew Fraser Olender recently took aim at Rachel over the way she treated him on the show, and now Below Deck fans are weighing in on her behavior too.

Below Deck viewers sound off Rachel Hargrove’s Season 10 actions

Twitter has been buzzing about Rachel all season long, but more so the past few weeks as her bond with Captain Sandy Yawn has brought out a different side of the chef. It’s a side that many Below Deck viewers are not happy with at all.

A couple of Twitter users called out Rachel for being a “kiss a**” and also being up “Captain Sandy’s a**.” One called Rachel the new Malia White, while a different one pointed out Rachel was blaming Fraser for her timing being off with the food, and Sandy was too.

BD viewers blast Rachel over Captain Sandy bond
Pic credit: @Kaylee_Kakes/@kayhollonq/@nataliethehero/@tvescaper/Twitter

Rachel was referred to as a “snake” for playing the crew and running to tattle to Captain Sandy.

There was another comment about Rachel not getting her food out and blaming the interior, while one user simply declared, “oouu. i’m getting weird vibes from rachel.”

BD viewers talk Rachel
Pic credit: @SamMatt44/@ssuulli/Twitter

Another Twitter user expressed both love and concern for Rachel.

Rachel Hargrove gets love from Below Deck Season 10 viewers

Despite some disapproval over Rachel’s treatment of the interior crew, her food timing, and brown-nosing to Captain Sandy, the chef still has die-hard fans.

One user simply called Rachel a “hoot.”

A different user gave Rachel props for the turkey sandwich request that happened 30 minutes before lunch while also slamming chef Jessica Condy from Below Deck Adventure. There was also a comment expressing love for chef Rachel.

BD viewers praise Rachel
Pic credit: @winejugs/@Missy92593226/Twitter

Another user shared that Rachel was “SLAYING” for her comeback to Camille Lamb after the stew was fired.

It was pretty clear last summer when Rachel Hargrove declared she was done with Below Deck and Bravo that Season 10 would be interesting.

Since Rachel has revealed she won’t be at the Season 10 reunion, with the best response, Below Deck fans won’t get any answers to what was going on with her this season.

What do you think of Rachel this season on Below Deck?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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Kim Mathieu
Kim Mathieu
1 year ago

love her

1 year ago

love rachel

Tina Schultz
Tina Schultz
1 year ago

I like Rachel. She tells it like it is. She’s a really good chef. Cpt Sandy gave her some her on how to get the food out faster. I like her sense of humor. She will let the Cpt know if theirs something going on with the crew

Wendy L
Wendy L
1 year ago

I LOVE Rachel! The fact that she has to deal with multiple (often absurd) requests with creative food, and shown how to be both fun and sober amidst the trash behavior some of the other crew have exhibited is a regular reason to watch. I think she realized what a snake Sandy could be and responded with self-preservation and the realization that she isn’t a Bravo-lebrity. I would love to see a show with her and Harley either training or becoming the next provisioner (that should be filmed). Rachel has talent and brains – something that Camille and Alyssa seems to lack.