Below Deck fans sound off on Cat being ‘coddled’ by Captain Kerry and Fraser

Cat Baugh on Below Deck Season 11
Cat has Below Deck fans outraged. Pic credit: bravo

Below Deck fans are sounding off after the latest episode of the hitting yachting show and watching Cat Baugh get treated with kid gloves.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Captain Kerry Titheradge have gone out of their way to do what Below Deck fans feel was “coddling” Cat when it was unnecessary.

Fraser ordered Barbie to be extra nice to Cat, while Captain Kerry took her out on the water for some relaxation to clear her head.

None of this worked because, on the crew night out, Cat called home crying she felt isolated and left out after not vibing with the St. David crew.

Social media was on fire as the most recent episode aired, and the frustration with Cat and how she was being treated mounted.

Let’s just say that Below Deck viewers have had enough of Cat, and Season 11 isn’t even at the halfway point.

Below Deck fans sound off on Cat being ‘coddled’ by Captain Kerry and Fraser

X (formerly Twitter) was buzzing as Below Deck played out, with Cat being one hot topic on the platform and how Captain Kerry and Fraser were treating her.

“Here we go again with the coddling of Cat. So many others have been on #BelowDeck & their spin-offs with issues on the outside & haven’t had THIS much coddling. It’s a bit much, especially if other crew have to do their work while they’re being coddled.” Read an X.

Another called out Fraser for talking smack about Barbie Pascual when Cat was the one who needed a fire lighted under her butt.

A different one slammed Captain Kerry for essentially giving Cat extra time off when the crew literally only works a few weeks to film the show.

Cat Below Deck comments
Pic credit: @Mickey1997KS/@LadyTi88/@Claudia13078541/X

“#BelowDeck Fraser needs 2stop b**ching about Barbie 2the crew. He’s head of department & the only one he should air his grievances w/ is Captain Kerry or B. She’s great at her job, unlike Cat, who isn’t helping anyone when she’s in her cabin crying or being coddled by @FraserOlender,” said an X.

One X user clarified that they have had enough of Cat and Fraser just giving into her every whim.

There was an X declaring that what Captain Kerry did for Cat was nice but that Barbie and Xandi Olivier needed to get the same opportunity at some point.

BD comments about Cat.
Pic credit: @MarieWheatley1/@tinafrancis1712/@loulovesbravo/X

“Fraser comparing Barbie to Camille is a reach; especially since Cat was playing w/the Captain all day while Barbie was working. #belowdeck,” wrote one X user.

Not everyone was slamming Fraser and Captain Kerry. There was an X that gave the captain props for helping Cat out.

Below Deck fans are over Cat Baugh

It’s not just how the captain and chief stew are treating Cat that has Below Deck fans outraged at the unqualified stew.

An X user simply feels that Cat and her behavior are too much too handle on the show.

“Cat is WAY way too fragile to be a yachtie. She’s reminding me more & more of Caroline from Season 6 #BelowDeck,” read an X.

The stew was also compared to Below Deck Season 6 stew Caroline Bedol.

Cat was also referred to as a “Debbie Downer” for complaining about not vibing with the crew when she hasn’t made an effort to bond with anyone.

That was a common theme over on X, Cat playing victim but not attempting to be part of the group.

The next on previews featured Cat crying and having another breakdown. It was too much for an X user who wants the stew gone.

Cat Baugh hasn’t earned too many fans’ on Below Deck and social media has made that more apparent than ever.

There is plenty more of Season 11 of Below Deck to play out, but to be honest, we can’t see Cat making it too much longer on the show.

Are you a Cat fan?

In other Below Deck news, as Monseter and Critics previously reported, fans think a new spin-off is in the works, and you can read about that here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 month ago

Cat is totally worthless and needs to be relieved of her total worthlessness!