Below Deck fans sound off on Captain Sandy Yawn’s treatment of Fraser Olender

Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Season 10
Captain Sandy has come under fire from Below Deck fans again. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have sounded off on how Captain Sandy Yawn has been treating Fraser Olender during Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

The chief stew and the captain have not been getting along since she stepped on the St. David yacht to take over for Captain Lee Rosbach.

Tension hit an all-time high on the most recent episode of Below Deck Season 10.

Captain Sandy scolded Fraser for not playing in the team-building volleyball game in front of the crew.

She also called the chief stew a “cancer” to the boat after Alissa Humber was insubordinate to her.

It was a tough episode to watch, and Twitter was buzzing with opinions as well as users taking sides.

Below Deck viewers are Team Fraser amid Captain Sandy Yawn criticism

There’s no question that Captain Sandy has once again found herself enduring some serious backlash.

Twitter was definitely on Fraser’s side, with users not wasting any time expressing their feelings about the captain.

“Sandy ruins every season she’s on; she’s a predator looking to rage & abuse power. Go check Ross, not Fraser! Capt Lee would never act like this! #BelowDeck,” tweeted one user.

A different user expressed disappointment thinking Captain Sandy had changed but compared her treatment of Fraser to how she treated Hannah.

Another thinks Captain Sandy’s trying to “sabotage Fraser” and “using Rachel to do it” while sharing that Captain Lee needs to return ASAP.

“I am still fuming about Captain Sandy having the nerve to treat and talk to Fraser the way she has this season of #BelowDeck but what sent me over the edge was her saying he’s the worst experience she’s had with a chief stew like we all didn’t just watch Natasha on #BelowDeckMed,” wrote a Below Deck viewer.

There was also a Twitter user who thinks Captain Sandy is awful and slammed her for blaming everything on Fraser.

A suggestion that Captain Sandy be “furloughed for a while” was also made.

That won’t happen, though,h at least not for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8, which was filmed last summer.

Captain Sandy Yawn gets some support amid Fraser Olender drama

Not all Below Deck viewers were putting Captain Sandy on blast. There were a couple of Captain Sandy fans out there who stood up for her.

One called the captain a “bada**” and gave her mad props.

Another took time to remind people it was a TV show.

Captain Sandy fan comment
Pic credit: @Triathlete1970/Twitter

A different opinion called out Fraser for his behavior making the Below Deck viewer take Captain Sand’s side in this latest feud.

Three charters and a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Season 10, with drama stronger than ever.

Are you Team Fraser or Team Captain Sandy?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Sandy needs a big break the way she treats the crew is crazy she has her favorites on every show she wants all the power and is always butting into others business

1 year ago

Sorry, I like Fraser but he is THE WORST manager ever! Sandy is 100% correct – the only thing she did is let him keep on going the way he was before literally having to explain that the is a large part of the problem. It appears that he is realizing that now, and unless he tightens up, he needs to lose his job. He is a manager, not everyone’s buddy.