Below Deck: Fans react to Captain Lee Rosbach’s Twitter comments on Simone Mashile and drunk charter guest

Below Deck star Captain Lee faces backlash over Twitter comment.
Captain Lee Rosbach live Tweets during the Bravo show each week. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are having mixed reactions to Captain Lee Rosbach’s Twitter comments regarding Simone Mashile and a drunk charter guest that was obsessed with her.

From the second the primary guest, Michael, boarded the Valor, he was making inappropriate remarks to Simone. Alcohol only added fuel to his gross and disgusting behavior.

Michael’s actions then crossed a line, prompting chief stew Kate Chastain to remove Simone from service. Kate sent her second stew to do laundry to keep her away from the highly intoxicated, rude guest.

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Twitter was abuzz during the episode with fans and the crew dishing about the way Simone was being treated. Most users were against the out of line behavior. However, some chose to comment on Simone’s attire, rather than speak out against Michael’s treatment of her.

Captain Lee was one of those people. He suggested Simone should have lost the garter she wore for pirate day. The captain called it a “green light” for the primary’s behavior, then compared him to a sophomore in college. His tweet sent off a firestorm on social media.

Several fans blasted Captain Lee for blaming Simone and her attire, instead of saying something to the guest. Users felt he brushed aside the primary’s behavior because of alcohol, as well as Michael’s frat boy like demeanor.

Many people reminded Captain Lee that a woman’s outfit is never an invitation for sexual harassment. Women should be able to wear whatever clothing they want without men turning into pigs.

Not all fans disagreed with Captain Lee’s comments though. Some users rushed to defend his remark, stating he was not blaming Simone, but certain clothing attire is a “green light” to some guys like Michael.

One user reiterated Captain Lee has nothing but respect for women. He was simply advising Simone on how to deal with a frat boy charter guest in the future.

Another user recalled there was no outrage when a drunk lady grabbed the captain’s butt during a recent charter. The tweet sparked a debate over the drunk behavior of men being called out but the drunk female charter guests’ behavior was not.

One of the ladies on the current charter was drunk and obsessed with Ashton. She was not as crude or vulgar as the primary, but she did cross a line too. Several fans used the debate to tweet Captain Lee asking if Ashton Pienaar should have changed part of his outfit too.

Although Captain Lee issued several explanations in various answers to Twitter comments, he addressed the tweet and the incident further in his weekly blog.

“My comment about removing the garter was because he seemed to have not only focused on her but on it, and I thought it was in her best interest to remove it so as to switch his focus,” Captain Lee wrote. “But as is usual with drunken guests, that wasn’t the case and Kate in her infinite wisdom removed Simone all together which was a good call.”

He continued, “I would never condone his actions towards Simone and was not saying that she in any way caused his abhorrent behavior, just was trying to give her some advice on how to maybe alleviate it without a huge scene. She in no way encouraged his behavior nor wanted it as was obvious.”

Twitter is divided over the comment Captain Lee Rosbach made regarding Simone Mashile’s garter and a drunk charter guest.

Do you agree or disagree with what Captain Lee said about Simone wearing the garter?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

I agree 100% with what Captain Lee said b/c the guest was flirting w/ Simone alot then on pirate night, she wore a garter (there’s ALOT of other pirate attire available!!!) So, yes!! The garter, FOR SURE, sent the wrong message!!!!! Definition of GARTER BELT: Worn to hold the bride’s panty hose up for husband to remove on wedding night!! IT’S A SEXUAL ITEM WHICH SENT THE GUEST A WRONG MESSAGE!!! YES!! What YOU wear can FOR REAL send mixed or wrong messages!! Yall just shut up & leave Captain Lee alone!!! He is 100% correct!!!!