Below Deck fans discuss which seasons were the hardest to watch

Heather Chase, Ashton Pienaar, Hannah Chase
Not all Below Deck seasons were hits with the majority of fans, and a discussion was started on which seasons were the hardest to watch. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo’s hit reality show Below Deck was so successful among viewers that it has put out two spinoffs with another two set to premiere in 2022.

Although the pioneering show has seen wide success throughout the franchise, there have been seasons that fans found hard to watch.

Whether it was because of outrageous cast behavior or continued situations that annoyed viewers, several notable seasons stand out to fans who had a tough time getting through them.

A thread was started on Reddit that prompted Below Deck fans to weigh in with their opinions on which seasons almost made them want to stop watching. Many fans ended up agreeing on the same few.

Below Deck fans decided which seasons were the hardest to watch

A Reddit thread was created with the Below Deck subject headline, “Were there any seasons you found difficult to get through?”

The author went on to describe, “I’m currently working through the Med, and for some reason season 3 has been incredibly hard for me to watch. I don’t know if it’s all the Joao/Hannah drama or something else. Anyone else have this issue?”

Reddit thread about Below Deck
Pic credit: @u/testcern26/Reddit

Opinionated Below Deck fans landed in the comments of the Reddit thread to share their thoughts.

One top comment read, “Season 2 of med. Adam verbally abused the s**t out of Hannah and it was difficult to see a lot of the crew turn a blind eye/partake in it. F**k that guy. Also bugs passing The iPad around?”

The comment continued, “And Bobby screaming in Hannah’s face because she didn’t want him tending to a naked Malia? ‘IM A FIREMAN HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!’ B*****s were nuts that season.”

Reddit thread about Below Deck
Pic credit: @u/testcern26/Reddit

Another popular notion read, “BD season 7 was rough. Bru crew was tough to watch.”

To which a fan in agreement added, “It also felt like the longest season ever. And I NEVER feel like below deck seasons are long enough.”

Another person chimed in, “I have rewatched every season multiple times, but I cannot watch that one ever again.”

A different season was chosen by another Below Dek viewer. They remarked, “BDSY season 1, that was a tough one.”

Reddit thread about Below Deck
Pic credit: @u/testcern26/Reddit

Below Deck fans can look forward to plenty of drama in 2022

Below Deck viewers can currently enjoy Season 3 of Sailing Yacht and can anticipate the imminent premiere of the brand new spinoff Below Deck Down Under on Peacock.

Season 7 of Below Deck Med is rumored to have been filmed already and Below Deck Adventure is also in the pipeline this year which could feature a surprise crossover with one of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Below Deck Down Under premiers on Thursday, March 17 on Peacock.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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