Below Deck fans blast charter guest Justin Richards over drunk behavior

Who is Just Richards from Below Deck? Fans slam his drunken behavior.
Justin not only ate dinner alone but became aggressive with charter guest Terri. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have blasted Justin Richards over the drunk charter guests bullying behavior.

There’s no question the most recent episode for Below Deck Season 9 was cringeworthy to watch. Primary charter guest Michael Durham and his real estate friends, who all had an appreciation for whiskey, made things quite uncomfortable.

The day was filled with whiskey drinking leading to a very awkward dinner that Captain Lee Rosbach attended. Michael and Justin were extremely drunk by dinner, with guest Terri Foss Augustyn coming in third.

Justin got so angry at the group that he decided to eat dinner by himself on the swim platform. His actions only added fuel to the drunken fire.

After Captain Lee left the table, Michael at least had the good sense to take his drunk self to bed.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender reacts to drunk charter guests

Michael missed the drama that exploded between Justin and Terri. Chief stew Heather Chase, first officer Eddie Lucas, chef Rachel Hargrove, stew Fraser Olender and deckhand Rayna Lindsey were entertained until things went horribly wrong.

Terri and Justin were fighting, with things escalating to the point the crew had to step in. Justin declared he was throwing someone overboard. The episode ended there, leaving Below Deck fans wondering if Justin will be the next charter guest Captain Lee Rosbach boots off the My Seanna.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Fraser reacted to the drunk drama. The stew admitted the guests had no idea they were so entertaining. Fraser also shared he felt bad for the guests watching their actions play out on-screen.

Below Deck fans blast drunk charter guest Justin Richards

While Fraser may have a little sympathy for Justin and his drunk actions, Below Deck fans do not. Twitter was buzzing with comments blasting Justin’s drunken antics.

Below Deck fans are not here for Justin
Pic credit: @Bubbles01827126/Twitter and @PatWhite1984/Twitter and @ImogeneW33/Twitter

One Twitter user called Justin’s actions abusive, while another named him the worst charter guest ever.

A couple of comments were made addressing the fact Captain Lee does not put up with this kind of drunken behavior. Drunk Delores was sent packing after her actions during Below Deck Season 8. Some fans think Justin should go too.

Good bye Justin Below Deck
Pic credit: @theoriginalGrg/Twitter and @TheMikeVillar/Twitter

Justin Richards did not impress Below Deck viewers with his drunken actions. The one thing fans do agree on is that Michael Durham and Terri Foss Augustyn were also extremely intoxicated.

Terri did poke the bear with Justin, but he definitely crossed a line. Now, Below Deck fans will have to see just how far drunk Justin pushes things with the crew, especially Eddie Lucas and Heather Chase.

What did you think of Justin?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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