Below Deck: Eddie Lucas reveals best and worst crewmembers he worked with on Bravo show

Eddie Lucas spills who he likes best and least on Below Deck.
Eddie Lucas has gained some friends and foes during his five seasons on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas has revealed the best and worst crew members he worked with on the hit Bravo show.

Eddie is back for a fifth season of Below Deck in his new role as the first officer. Season 9 of the yachting show kicked off like never before, without Captain Lee Rosbach.

While Captain Sean Meagher stepped in for the stud of the sea, Eddie couldn’t wait to have his boat daddy back. Captain Lee and Eddie have a close relationship off-screen, which is one reason Eddie keeps coming back to Below Deck.

Five seasons means that Eddie has worked with a lot of crew members. The Baltimore native recently opened up about who he deemed the best and worst he’s worked with over the years.

Who are the best crew members Eddie Lucas worked with on Below Deck?

Eddie recently stopped by Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister to dish everything Below Deck, especially Season 9. Melissa and Eddie played a little game where he dished about his former crew members.

“I’d like to say, Dave Bradberry. Because he’s my brother from another mother,” Eddie shared. “But Connie Arias was also amazing. She was so great to work with, such a hard worker. She’s a really great fisher, so she could catch fish also. I think I’d go with Connie. I would love to work with Connie again.”

Eddie also spilled that Season 1 second engineer C.J. LeBeau made the list despite C.J’s lack of respect for authority. The first officer admitted C.J. was really good at his job.

Which crewmembers does Eddie think are the worst?

A couple of Below Deck alum made Eddie’s worst list and at the top of it is Dane Jackson.

“Dane is probably one of the worst people I’ve ever worked with,” Eddie explained. “Like a horrible person. When he almost got into a fight over the bottle he stole from behind the bar.”

Shane Coopersmith isn’t one of Eddie’s favorites either. The green deckhand was more about promoting sustainability than working.

Eddie also called Below Deck Season 1 chief stew Adrienne Gang the worst.

“She told me that Below Deck was like her idea and that this was like her baby, that she is the one who worked on it. She named the yacht. She did this, this, this, this. And then I had come to find out that that was all pretty much like hot air. But it was like, I remember meeting her, and I was like, ‘Oh jeez, and what have I got myself into?’ This is crazy,” he spilled.

Side note Eddie is the only person, besides Captain Lee, who has worked with all four chief stews Adrienne, Kate Chastain, Francesca Rubi, and Heather Chase on Below Deck.

Season 9 just got started, so Eddie Lucas may add one or two crew members to this best and worst list.

After all, Eddie is once again working with chef Rachel Hargrove. Those two have some unresolved Season 8 issues to hash out, which could put her on one of his lists.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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