Below Deck Down Under viewers take aim at Chef Ryan Mckeown’s attitude

Chef Ryan McKeown
Chef Ryan McKeown has sparked criticism from Below Deck Down Under viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

A social media post asked for Below Deck viewers’ opinions on “Chef Ryan vs. Chef Marcos.” The conversation among fans subsequently focused on the negative points about Ryan McKeown over the good points about Marcos Spaziani.

The Below Deck Down Under chef seems to have frustrated viewers, and his drama and attitude appeared to overshadow the good that could be said about chef Marcos in the comparative post.

Down Under fans have seen chef Ryan’s behavior around not wanting to operate on the guests’ time, his treatment of chief stew Aesha, and fits of rage directed at the guests when they don’t conform to his standards.

Below Deck Down Under critics share their opinions on chef Ryan McKeown

A Reddit thread was started with the subject, “Chef Marcos vs Chef Ryan.”

The post’s originator went on to describe, “So I’m currently watching both seasons together and the one thing that has stood out more than anything is how important an accommodating chef is! Marcos is SO good with changes in the menu, timings and preferences. He works through absolutely anything thrown his way and the food turns out looking great!”

Then they wrote, “Ryan is just astounding. His food looks average at best and treats the guests like he is paying for them to be there and they have to put up with whatever he wants. If I paid money for even a regular holiday (not even a super yacht) and someone told me when I can and cannot eat I would be so pissed off!”

Reddit thread about Ryan McKeown
The comparative Reddit thread ended up being about chef Ryan McKeown’s negative habits. Pic credit: @u/snoopandas9602/Reddit

Down Under viewers seemed to have resonated with the negative part about Ryan more than the good parts about Marcos in the subsequent discussion.

One top comment read, “Ryan is a petulant child. His passive aggressive comments after receiving the tiniest criticism are so unprofessional and trashy.”

Reddit thread about Ryan McKeown
Pic credit: @u/snoopandas9602/Reddit

Furthermore, Down Under critics expressed their disappointment that nothing has been done about curbing Ryan’s attitude.

One critic questioned, “I don’t understand why Capt. hasn’t chewed him a new a*****e – or why Aesha hasn’t gone to him for help. Dude is trash, needs some strict and clear guidelines and expectations in place.”

Another person agreed and added, “My thoughts too I would have talked to the Captain already but I get it she wants to try and work it out between them. Although when he responded with how many vacuums she pushed that would have been the last straw for me.”

Reddit thread about Ryan McKeown
Pic credit: @u/snoopandas9602/Reddit

Aesha Scott and Ryan McKeown will butt heads again on Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under viewers saw the showdown between Ryan and Aesha during the last episode, but their escalating tension will continue to unfold.

Based on the trailer for the next episode, it looks like Ryan will confront Aesha about the mean things he said but in an unapologetic way during the crew’s night out.

Not to mention, Aesha and Ryan still have the majority of the remaining season to work together.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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