Below Deck Down Under star Jaimee addresses Culver romance, calls out editing

Jaimee Neale on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Jaime sets the record straight. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Jaimee Neale has addressed her relationship with Culver Bradbury now that the season has ended.

The stew also had some things to say about the way she was edited on the show.

Jaimee and Culver left the Northern Sun together in a relationship and embarked on a new adventure together.

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Even though it was easy to see, she just wasn’t that into him.

After the finale, Jaimee spoke out to set the record straight on a few things and revealed she’s been dating someone else for a while.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jaimee shared a video where she didn’t hold back speaking her truth.

Below Deck Down Under star Jaimee Neale addresses Culver Bradbury romance

In her video, Jaimee spilled that she did not have a relationship with Culver after the cameras stopped rolling. Jaimee also confirmed she didn’t get together with hunky deckhand Luka Brunton, either.

Ironically, Captain Jason Chambers shared on Watch What Happens Live that Culver and Jaimee took a trip on the Australian coast after filming ended.

Jaime gave her true thoughts on Culver, too, explaining why she was drawn to him on the show.

“I think Culver is a really great guy. I always thought that he was really funny, outgoing, and generally a very nice and great person. That’s what drew me to him,” Jaimee expressed.

When it came to why she stayed with Culver, Jaimee admitted it was because she didn’t want him to feel bad, especially after she kissed Luka on the last crew night out.

Jaimee Neale IG Story
Jaimee opens up about her romance with Culver on Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: @jaimeeneale/Instagram

Jaimee Neale calls out Below Deck Down Under edit

The yachtie dished that so many positive things she said about Culver didn’t make the cut, and she wanted to make sure Below Deck Down Under fans knew that.

“I said many, many nice things about him that just never got played,” she said.

What Below Deck Down Under fans didn’t see was Jaimee sitting Culver down before the final charter to talk about them moving too fast. After all, Jaimee was only on the yacht for three weeks in total.

“I had a conversation with him and basically said that I don’t want to be in a relationship yet. Of course, that as well never got played, so,” Jaimee stated.

These days Jaimee Neale has moved on from Culver Bradbury and all the Below Deck Down Under drama. Jaimee has a new guy that she’s keeping private and has been working on herself in therapy since filming the show.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jaimee isn’t the only one moving on. Joao Franco is also happily in love with his girlfriend after his fling with Tzarina Mace-Ralph.

Below Deck Down Under is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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