Below Deck Down Under spoilers: Captain Jason takes the crew out and Jaimee flirts with Luka

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under
Captain Jason celebrates the end of the charter season. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under spoilers for the Season 2 finale tease a crew night out to remember.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of a season for Captain Jason Chambers and the Northern Sun crew.

Season 2 is coming to an end with a two-hour finale that will bid adieu to Below Deck Down Under for now.

Bravo has given fans a little teaser while they anxiously wait to see how the season ends.

After everything the crew has been through, Captain Jason has a surprise on the final crew night out.

The captain’s going to hang with his crew, at least for a little bit.

Below Deck Down Under’s Captain Jason Chambers takes the crew to dinner

In the sneak peek footage, Captain Jason, Aesha Scott, Joao Franco, Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Margot Sisson, Jaimee Neale, Culver Bradbury, Luka Brunton, and Harry van Vliet arrive at a very special restaurant.

Captain Jason wants to give the crew a taste of the local culture. Flames of the Forest is a stunning restaurant that Captain Jason feels is the perfect place for the final night.

The crew has a private table outside with literal flames all around them. Aesha and Harry gush over how special this is for them. Margot wonders where they are as she’s in awe that this is reality.

That’s not the only teaser Below Deck Down Under fans are getting ahead of the finale.

Luka Brunton and Jaimee Neale flirt on Below Deck Down Under finale

The last night out brings all the feels for some of the Northern Sun crew. In another preview video, Jaimee and Luka have a flirty text exchange as they go out for after-dinner drinks and partying.

Meanwhile, in the other van, Tzarina questions if Culver’s in love with Jaimee Tzarina gets interrupted by Joao, who jokes about Jaimee not being in love with Culver. This sets Tzarina off, and she accuses him of turning into the old Joao.

A flip of the scene features more text flirting with Luka and Jaimee. In her confessional, Jaimee admits she doesn’t want to hurt Culver. However, Jaimee clearly has a connection with Luka.

Back with Joao and Tzarina, after he lectures Culver about not having a plan with Jaimee after they leave the Northern Sun, Tzarina calls out Joao. The chef doesn’t like his attitude, and neither does Culver.

This turns into a fight about where Joao and Tzarina stand in their relationship. In a confessional, Joao declares he’s done.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Joao had been redeeming himself this season, but that could all change before it’s over.

Based on the two preview videos, Below Deck Down Under fans are in for one entertaining and drama-filled finale.

To see the full preview video of Luke and Jaimee flirting and Tzarina and Joao fighting, click here.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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