Below Deck Down Under hunk Captain Jason Chambers talks dating: ‘So difficult’

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Captain Jason is still single. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under fan favorite Captain Jason Chambers has opened up about dating.

Captain Jason has admitted that it isn’t easy for him.

Yep, even for a hunk like him, things are challenging, and being on a reality TV show doesn’t help.

The captain spends most of his time yachting, filming the show, or with his 7-year-old daughter Saskia, shared with his ex, Fuchsia Quinn.

However, Captain Jason wants to find the one and hopes the next year will bring the changes he needs to find his person.

Hot on the heels of Below Deck Down Under Season 2, Captain Jason got real about his personal life.

Below Deck Down Under hunk Captain Jason Chambers opens up about dating

Speaking to Us Weekly, the fan-favorite captain admitted that the reason dating has been difficult for him was because he’s simply not doing it.

“It’s so difficult. I am either going to work or coming back to my daughter. I would hope that I could probably change that scenario in the next year,” Captain Jason expressed. “I’m getting too old, but I’m letting it happen organically. I’m not out there dating.”

Again, time remains the reason why the captain isn’t out there, especially with his work schedule and filming the show.

Boatmances are a big thing on the Below Deck franchise and in the yachting world. Captain Jason isn’t opposed to having a boatmance because it likely will happen that way for him.

Captain Jason insists if that’s the case, he will follow strict ground rules while being professional at the top.

“If you’re going to have a boat romance, you need to understand that you should work your butt off. Don’t be caught in the galley. Don’t be caught smooching around here. Do your job, save your romance for when you go out and there’s a time and a place. That’s maturity,” he shared with the outlet.

What is Captain Jason Chambers looking for in a partner?

At age 50 years old, the captain knows what he wants in his person. Captain Jason wants someone with similar interests, such as being health-focused and having adventures.

Whether he’s working or not, Captain Jason spends time doing yoga and free divining. He would like to find someone who wants to do those things with him as well as laugh a lot and enjoy a good margarita.

Captain Jason Chambers will be at BravoCon in a few weeks. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen teased Captain Jason maybe hooking up at the three-day event.

Let’s just say he wasn’t opposed, but he wasn’t nearly as excited as his pal Aesha Scott was at the idea.

Below Deck Down Under is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Peacock.

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