Below Deck Down Under: Benny Crawley reveals where he stands with Jamie Sayed

Benny Crawley opens up about Below Deck Down Under relationship with Jamie Sayed.
Benny isn’t holding back his true feelings about Jamie. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Down Under star, Benny Crawley has revealed where he stands with Jamie Sayed amid Season 1 drama on and off-screen.

It’s certainly been one intense ride for Jamie and Benny. The bosun has wanted Benny fired for a while, but Captain Jason Chambers had the deckhand’s back.

As the season plays out on-screen Benny and Jamie have been extremely vocal about each other off-screen. Now with the end of the season nears, Benny has teased where he stands with Jamie today.

Where do Benny Crawley and Jamie Sayed stand today?

There has been a lot of back and forth in the media between Benny and Jamie. The deckhand spoke with DailyMail Australia and Benny spilled all the tea on his relationship with his former colleague.

Benny shared that once the cameras stopped rolling, he and Jamie did build a friendship. However, they are no longer speaking.

“It was lovely to hang out after the show, but then I got back and I saw him still putting out articles about me not being competent, or me driving the tender because I couldn’t be on the boat – I was the only one with a license and the experience!” Benny explained.

The deckhand admitted he was shocked at the things Jamie was saying about him, especially when it came to Benny’s yachting experience and character. Benny also dished that working for Jamie was “really intense” and he had to “watch his back” a lot.

This is not the first time Benny has had to set the record straight that he was not a green yachtie. Along with defending his yachting skills, Benny also stood up for his friends Aesha Scott and Brittini Burton after Jamie called them bullies.

Benny enjoyed his Below Deck Down Under stint

Despite the tension with Jamie, Benny has nothing but good things to say about being on Below Deck Down Under. Benny has been gushing over his time on the yachting show via Instagram since it debuted.

In a recent Instagram post, Benny shared a beautiful moment with the deck team, which also included Culver Bradbury.

“What a journey it’s been! One of the many beautiful moments shared with the deck team on Thalassa! And one of the best office views in the world,” he captioned the photo.

Benny also gave a shout-out to the all-male charter guests who loved to fish at night.

The end is almost here for Below Deck Down Under, and Benny Crawley has made it crystal clear he no longer speaks to Jamie Sayed. There’s no doubt their falling out and more will take place at the Season 1 reunion show.

Below Deck Down Under Season 1 finale drops on Thursday, June 23 on Peacock.

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1 year ago

You all need to work on Captain Lee’s boat and have Eddie as your bosun. They wouldn’t stand for all your whining and disrespect towards your superiors! Did you see how Eddie treated his deckhand simply for trying to be climate conscious? He was rude and constantly belittled him. And fired him. And Benny thinks he had it rough with Jamie?You’ve all been disrespectful to Jamie who is your bosun when all Jamie does is lead without the BS. Captain Jason has set the tone that it’s ok to be defiant and disrespectful to your bosun which Benny has displayed numerous times. Try that with Eddie or on Captain Lee’s boat Benny. Jamie you need to go work for Captain Lee. He doesn’t like nonsense either. Benny is immature and super entitled and created some false narrative that he was being harassed when he wasn’t. He was being told what to do and corrected when he messed up by his superior. That’s how it works at a job. And I agree it’s not cool to call Jamie the B word ladies. Again he’s your superior and he already respectfully asked you not to. Try calling any other bosun a B and see what happens. And such a double standard because had Jamie called the ladies a B and continued to after they asked him to stop it would be a different story and they prob would have claimed sexual harassment. Why was Britini crying because Jamie went to the Captain after asking her not to call him a B? What did she expect when she showed zero respect to her superior? The ppl on this boat were a bunch of overly sensitive, entitled and whiny/annoying millennials.