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Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton dishes Season 9 crew, reacts to Heather Chase’s snarky remark to friend

Tony and Porscha Thornton from Below Deck dish Season 9 crew and Heather Chase rude comment.
Tony Thornton had a lot to say about his time on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton has dished the Season 9 crew and reacted to Heather Chase’s snarky remark to his friend, Melissa.

Tony, his wife Porscha, and their friends were the best charter guests on Below Deck Season 9. The group was so respectful, loving, and enjoyable to watch.

Since their episodes hit Bravo airwaves, Porscha and Tony have been spilling the tea on their experience, including their favorite My Seanna crew member. The couple has also reacted to watching all the drama they didn’t see unfold on-screen.

Below Deck charter guest Tony Thornton reacts to Season 9 crew antics

Proscha and Tony were shocked to see some of the crew antics they missed during filming. When they stopped by Another Below Deck Podcast, Tony did not hold back from sharing his thoughts about the season.

“It’s actually quite shocking,” he expressed. “All of the ménage à trois and twists they were having this season, we were oblivious to. We had absolutely no access to it. I mean, Rayna was an angel. Eddie was Eddie. We absolutely loved Fraser. I mean, Fraser introduces himself, he says ‘it’s Fraser like a laser.’ Verbatim. We loved Wes. And it’s really weird because you don’t get to see Below Deck.”

Lead deckhand Jake Foulger and his drunk, flirty ways have been one hot topic this season. Jake has been make-out sessions with Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsey.

The love triangle left Tony shocked because he saw a different side of Jake.

“I mean, Jake talked to us. We were giving him love advice. He was talking about his fiancée and how to take that next step,” Tony recalled.

Tony calls out Heather Chase’s snarky remark on Below Deck

Although Tony and Porscha had the best time on Below Deck Season 9, it wasn’t without some drama. Chief stew Heather Chase had a heated exchange with their friend Melissa over preference sheets during dinner.

Tony didn’t realize what happened until he watched the show, and he was not happy with it. The incident changed Tony’s opinion of Heather forever.

“When you spend a crap ton of money on a megayacht, you expect decent service. And at the end of the day, Heather, with that, you know that passive-aggressive, you know, snarky, my wife called it snarky [response]. And let me be clear until I saw it on TV, I was team Heather,” he shared.

Porscha and Tony really wanted to have chief stew Kate Chastain but got Heather. They accepted it, but Tony was not pleased with Heather’s exchange with Melissa.

“It was a little snarky, and I’ve even read, and I do believe this, you know, this is a five-star mega yacht. So, on some yachts, Heather probably would have been fired on the spot,” Tony stated.

Season 9 of Below Deck is winding down. With only a handful of episodes left, Below Deck charter guests Porscha and Tony continue to speak out about their experience on the show.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  1. I don’t really care for Heather & her actions most likely were sparky to say the least. BUT Melissa was HORRIBLE!! Privileged attitude and all!!

    • I agree a little bit with you on Heather, but at the same time your friend was rude! Just because you have money don’t mean that you can treat people like crap! You guys so far were my favorite by far, except you’re friend and her yes dear husband!

    • Totally disagree with you Lisa. Melissa was not horrible but Heather definitely is horrible for her remark and thought she would get away with it. Melissa pat a ton of money for the trip and tipped well. She wanted her monies worth that’s all.

      • It seems to be a pattern that Heather can say or do anything she wants and then all she has to do is apologize, shed some tears and then everything is A okay..then she becomes the victim and everyone else is the bad guys!!…I wonder why🙄


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