Below Deck: Captain Sandy Yawn weighs in on Camille Lamb drama ‘lack of respect’

Captain Sandy Yawn and Camille Lamb from Below Deck.
Captain Sandy has some thoughts after watching Camille on Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn has weighed in on Camille Lamb and all the Below Deck drama surrounding the Season 10 stew.

Camille has been the focal point for the current season of the hit-yachting show.

Things got so bad with the stew that Captain Sandy gave her one charter to get her stuff together, or else she was done.

Now, as the captain, who stepped in after Captain Lee Rosbach had a health issue, watches the season back, she’s seeing the impact Camille had on the crew even more clearly.

Captain Sandy has reiterated more than once during her time on Below Deck Mediterranean that things happen she doesn’t know about until the show hits Bravo airwaves.

That appears to be the case in some scenarios, with Camille and Captain Sandy’s shedding some like on certain situations with her.

Captain Sandy Yawn weighs in on Camille Lamb drama

In a recent interview with People magazine, Captain Sandy got candid regarding Camille and Ben Willoughby “making out in the captain’s chair” while they were both supposed to be working.

“For example, Camille and Ben [Willoughby] making out in the captain’s chair — I never saw that, never knew about it. Now I’m watching it and going, Holy cannoli,” she expressed.

That wasn’t her only comment about Camille and Ben getting romantic on the clock. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, Captain Sandy was not okay with the couple having a make-out session on the beach.

Captain Sandy also admitted on WWHL that she wasn’t aware of the extreme tension between Camille and Alissa Humber until she watched the show. However, she did not spill any tea on what comes after Alissa and Camille’s massive fight in front of the guests that occurred at the end of the most recent episode.

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn calls out Camille Lamb for nickname

Another hot topic with Camille that Andy addressed when talking to Captain Sandy was that Camille called her “Sandy Sue Sue.” It was a nickname that the captain did not appreciate at all.

“Lack of respect,” Captain Sandy stated.

Despite all the drama that Camille has brought to Season 10 of Below Deck, Captain Sandy does feel as a viewer that the stew’s quite entertaining.

“She made me laugh, what can I say? Watching it, I’m like, people actually think that’s okay? It blows my mind,” the captain shared with People magazine.

Captain Sandy Yawn’s keeping quiet regarding Camille Lamb’s future on Below Deck. There’s speculation she will be fired as the season hits its midway point.

The fight between Alissa Humber and Camille might just be the breaking point for the captain, so be sure to tune in next week to see how Captain Sandy handles the situation.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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