Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach responds to Rhylee Gerber’s claims she wasn’t tipped for a charter on Season 7

Captain Lee Rosbach reacts to Rhylee Gerber's no tip story on Below Deck.
Captain Lee explains why Rhylee did not get tipped for only working half a charter. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach has responded to Rhylee Gerber’s claims she wasn’t tipped for a charter on Season 7.

Rhylee appeared on Season 6 and Season 7 of Below Deck. However, on the latter, she joined the crew mid-season after deckhand Abbi Murphy quit. Rhylee showed up in the middle of a charter but immediately got to work.

Below Deck viewers know Season 7 was filled with misogyny. It was the male crew members versus the female crew members, with Captain Lee admitting he didn’t know how bad it got at the reunion.

Thanks to a bombshell by Rhylee, it appears there was so much more drama going on behind the scenes than Below Deck fans knew. Rhylee spilled that Captain Lee chose not to tip her because she didn’t work a full charter.

However, after watching the season play out onscreen, she learned that deckhand Tanner Sterback was tipped when he missed a day of a charter for being sick. Rhylee called out Captain Lee on the double standard, and now he’s responding to her allegations.

Below Deck’s Captain Lee responds to Rhylee Gerber ‘no tip’ story

After Rhylee’s story started making the rounds over the weekend, one Twitter user commented how they hoped the story was not true because it would be disappointing.

The captain immediately replied, explaining his side of the story.

“Rhylee didn’t get a part of the tip because she wasn’t even on board a full 24 hrs of the charter. Tanner got sick while working, and I didn’t need him infecting everyone. I told her that n she still agreed to it, no one stood up for her more than I did. Won’t comment again on this,” Captain Lee tweeted.

Captain Lee talks Rhylee no tip claims.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Below Deck fans support Captain Lee amid Rhylee drama

The comments section became flooded with nothing but love and support for the stud of the sea. Below Deck fans know Captain Lee is a man of integrity and doesn’t do shady things to his crew.

Captain Lee gets support from fans.
Pic credit: @nascar99/Twitter and @BGifford1964/Twitter

One Twitter user even declared it was simply Rhylee trying to stay relevant.

Twitter user wants Rhylee stay relevant.
Pic credit: @MaryBoggan15/Twitter

Rhylee Gerber’s no tip allegations come as Below Deck Season 9 gets ready to hit airwaves. Captain Lee Rosbach is MIA for a couple of episodes, with Captain Sean Meagher filling in for him.

Along with the new season of Below Deck, Captain Lee is preparing to head to Washington, D.C. to meet with Congress to fight for stricter drug laws following his son Joshua’s death.

Are you Team Captain Lee or Team Rhylee?

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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