Below Deck: Ashton Pienaar responds to critics calling him a misogynist

Below Deck star Ashton Pienaar is defending his actions.
Fans have not seen the best side of Ashton on Below Deck this season. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashton Pienaar is responding to all the critics who are calling him a misogynist after recent episodes of Below Deck.

The bosun has come under fire for his seemingly disrespectful treatment and comments regarding women on Season 7 of the Bravo show.

During one episode, Ashton made a crass comment to chef Kevin Dobson complaining that he has never had to try so hard to get some action. The comment was made after he unsuccessfully hit on Courtney Skippon and planted an unwanted kiss on Kate.

Although he apologized on Twitter for his drunken behavior, social media has not been very forgiving of Ashton. The reason is many fans think that on the show Ashton continues to come across as being rude, crude, and degrading to women, especially Rhylee Gerber and Kate Chastain.

Ashton stopped by the podcast AfterBuzz TV’s It’s Bravo Betch, the weekly podcast that dishes about Bravo’s shows, to talk all things Below Deck. He used his appearance to respond to the criticism regarding his not-so-appropriate behavior.

There are some things fans are saying about the 30-year-old that is making him extremely unhappy.

“I’ve had a lot of people calling me misogynistic, and I’m just like how am I prejudice towards women? I love women. I love having women around. I love the fact that we can work together. I think the world would be a boring place without women,” he said.

Ashton went on to say that, “It’s just one of those personas that just get created about you. I don’t agree with a lot of it, but I stay back. The fans will sort themselves out as well. You might be wanting to make a point, and one of your fans will make the same points. You don’t even have to get involved.”

The Below Deck star also discussed the double standard when it comes to what is considered sexual harassment. Ashton commented on how he has endured backlash for accidentally touching a female’s backside.

Footage from this season of the Bravo show has also featured many ladies misbehaving while intoxicated.

One episode featured two drunk females touching Captain Lee Rosbach’s backside several times. Then there was the female charter guest who kept hitting on Ashton, playing footsy, and making sexual innuendos to him.

There was no outrage on social media over those incidents, but he is continuously being put on blast for his actions.

Ashton Pienaar wants fans to know he is not a jerk or a misogynist. He says that he loves and respects all women. The bosun hopes that as the season plays out, fans will change their tune regarding what they honestly think of him.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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