Below Deck: Are Rachel Hargrove and boyfriend Vincenzo still together?

Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck dishes her relationship with boyfriend Vincenzo.
Rachel’s back on Below Deck and she’s spilling the tea on her personal life ahead of the Season 9 premiere. Pic credit: Bravo

Are Rachel Hargrove and boyfriend Vincenzo still together? Below Deck fans are asking that question as the chef returns for Season 9, which kicks off in less than a week.

The chef will forever be remembered for her foul-mouth rant filled with her signature phrase, “eat my cooter.” Rachel lost it over a preference sheet and her desire to get to Italy to be with her man Vincenzo as the coronavirus pandemic took over the world.

Season 8 was a bumpy ride for chef Rachel, who attributed a lot of the drama to missing her boyfriend. Now, as Below Deck Season 9 sets sail, she’s setting the record straight on her relationship status with Vincenzo.

Are Rachel Hargrove and boyfriend Vincenzo still together?

In an interview with Us Weekly, chef Rachel spilled she and Vincenzo are not together. The reason for their split had everything to do with her decision to return to Below Deck for Season 9.

“I got an ultimatum of, ‘Please don’t film that show.’ And then, ‘Why are you still working on boats? So I was, like, ‘Well, you met me doing it,” she explained to the weekly magazine.

The couple broke up earlier this year. Rachel admitted it took her five months to get back to Vincenzo after filming for Season 8 wrapped. She also expressed some confusion over why Vincenzo wouldn’t want her to work.

“I would be encouraging for me to pay for my own expensive tastes. Because mama likes nice stuff,” Rachel expressed.

Life as a yachtie certainly makes finding a lasting relationship challenging. Rachel isn’t the first to have a relationship go bust because of her career or the show. There is an upside to the breakup, though.

Rachel learned the perks of filming a TV show while single. The chef is looking forward to Below Deck fans seeing the single side of her.

What can Below Deck fans expect from single Rachel?

While the chef is super excited for the new season to hit airwaves, Rachel isn’t giving away any spoilers.

“I don’t know. I’m not going to ruin it for the viewers at all,” she stated. “The reason why is because I’m very, very excited about this season. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope there are no spoilers because I want everybody on their seats every Monday and Tuesday night watching this, streaming it on Peacock, and getting so excited.”

One thing Below Deck viewers can expect is some friction between Rachel and first-officer Eddie Lucas.

They had a few dust-ups last season as the tension mounted over Rachel’s drunken behavior. The trailer features chef Rachel calling out Eddie for some things he said about her during Season 8.

Chef Rachel Hargrove and her boyfriend Vincenzo are no longer together. They broke up before she filmed Below Deck Season 9, which means fans will get to see single Rachel in all her glory.

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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vala calkins
vala calkins
2 years ago

I sure hop Racheal is sober! Other wise I am not going to watch this season!!