Below Deck: Alissa Humber reacts to Captain Sandy Yawn feud and flirting with Ross McHarg

Alissa Humber on Below Deck Season 10.
Alissa stands by her actions on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Alissa Humber has set the record straight on her tension with Captain Sandy Yawn and flirting with bosun Ross McHarg on Season 10 of the yachting show.

There’s no question that Alissa has been at the center of the drama this season.

Alissa continues to insert herself into Ross and Katie Glaser’s boatmance and her talking smack about the captain has landed the stew in hot water.

This week, Alissa had a chance to share her side of things and reflect on some of her actions amid filming.

The stew was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen alongside Below Deck Med alum Kyle Viljoen.

Andy didn’t hold back asking the juicy questions, especially when it came to Alissa calling Captain Sandy a certain b-word on-screen.

Alissa Humber reacts to Captain Sandy Yawn on-screen drama

During her appearance on WWHL, Andy had Alissa play a game that had her looking back at her behavior on the show in a game called Divorce or Of Course. If she regretted the heated moment in question, she would answer divorce. If not, she would answer of course.

When it came to Alissa calling Captain Sandy a “b***h” in a moment of frustration, Alissa went with regret but not because she was sorry.

“Divorce, I am trying not to curse,” she replied.

Later in the game, Alissa was asked about the time she said Captain Sandy “sucked deck crew d**k,” to which the stew replied divorce again. Alissa did admit she was sorry for that comment.

Despite the friction with the captain on-screen, Alissa has no ill will towards her, although they do not keep in touch.

“Last time we checked up, she was just my captain, and now she’s just my ex-captain. But yeah, no, I think about her often, and honestly, she taught me some very hard lessons that nobody’s been able to teach me in my 22 years before the show. And I’m grateful for her,” Alissa expressed.

Below Deck’s Alissa Humber sets the record straight on flirting with Ross McHarg

Alissa also spoke about her love triangle with Katie and Ross. On Watch What Happens Live during the Divorce or Of Course game, she had no qualms about her actions with Ross other than to insult his kisses.

The stew also addressed the situation during an interview with E! News. Alissa made it clear there was no love triangle, and she was on the show to work, but she did speak out about those drunken flirty nights with Ross.

She explained that she and Ross had an understanding that they wanted to have fun, not a relationship. Alissa also feels that Ross likes “open relationships” as Alissa does, so Ross flirting with other people wasn’t an issue to the stew.

“Me and Ross flirting was purely out of convenience and blowing off steam. I wish that Katie just would have womaned up and told me, ‘Hey, I [do have] feelings for him. It would be nice if you didn’t flirt,'” she explained.

Alissa Humber will no doubt be put in the hot seat over her behavior toward Captain Sandy Yawn and her flirty way with Ross McHarg at the Below Deck Season 10 reunion show.

What do you think of Alissa’s reaction?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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