Below Deck Adventure fans weigh in on Lewis Lupton as bosun after Nathan and Kyle drama

Lewis Lupton on Below Deck Adventure Season 1
Lewis has made some waves on Below Deck Adventure. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure fans have weighed in on Lewis Lupton as bosun after the drama surrounding Nathan Morley and Kyle Dickard.

The latest Below Deck spin-off has only aired three episodes, but the show’s proving it has all the juicy entertainment as the OG show with a cold-water twist, of course.

This week, the Mercury crew lost its first yachtie after deckhand Kyle made a threat against his bunkmate Nathan.

It was the latest in a string of moves that had Below Deck Adventure viewers not feeling Kyle.

However, the deckhand isn’t the only person fans have a beef with after the latest episode.

Bosun Lewis has made waves for his handling of the situation and coddling of Kyle as the deckhand left the yacht.

Below Deck Adventure fans weigh in on Lewis Lupton as bosun

Kyle was already on Captain Kerry Titheradge’s radar. After Nathan spoke to the captain about his bunkmate and requested a cabin change, the captain gave Kyle a choice. The deckhand could resign or get fired, a move Lewis openly admitted to not agreeing with Captain Kerry on.

Lewis made sure everyone said goodbye to Kyle in a positive manner, and his worry over Kyle, as opposed to how Nathan was feeling, did not make some Twitter users very happy.

Another user took aim at Lewis for being so passive as a leader.

A different one thinks Lewis is a weak bosun.

Other Twitter users focused on Lewis not standing up for himself against Kyle, much less the rest of his deck team. There were some who called out Lewis for being more concerned that the team would be a man down than Nathan’s safety.

Someone else simply called Lewis a “punk,” while another stated Lewis “does not need to be Bosun.”

Twitter bashes Below Deck Adventure star Lewis
Pic credit: @MinnesotaMegs/@Bravolacious/@NanaT 1113/@TheBravoEdit/@TheePrincess9/Twitter

Not everyone jumped on the bash Lewis bandwagon, especially given the season just began.

One user called out the hate against Lewis on social media, suggesting people show some respect and “Give him a minute.”

Another Lewis fan felt bad for him admitting the next charter will be a “rough” one for the bosun.

Twitter supports Lewis as bosun on Below Deck Adventure
Pic credit: @MinnesotaMegs/@Bravolacious/@NanaT 1113/@TheBravoEdit/@TheePrincess9/Twitter

Will Lewis Lupton last for all of Below Deck Adventure?

Lewis admitted that confrontation and conflict are two things he doesn’t like. The bosun revealed he had a bad experience with a boss who ran things that way, so he won’t run his department that way.

While that’s a good mentality, Lewis appears to be taking it a bit too far, and that’s not going to go unnoticed by Captain Kerry. Lewis would have kept Kyle, revealing the bosun and captain’s leadership styles aren’t going to mesh.

Although he doesn’t mean harm, if Lewis doesn’t deal with his department in a more manger-style manner, it just might cause problems with Captain Kerry.

However, unless Lewis does something drastic or puts another crew member in harm’s way, he likely won’t get fired, as it seems Captain Kerry doesn’t like to fire crewmembers.

It will, however, likely be an interesting and drama-filled season for the bosun.

What do you think of Lewis as the bosun on Below Deck Adventure so far?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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