Below Deck Adventure fans drag Kyle Dickard over ‘disrespectful’ behavior, want deckhand fired

Kyle Dickard stars on Below Deck Adventure Season 1
Kyle has not made the best impression on Below Deck viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Adventure, viewers are dragging deckhand Kyle Dickard over his bad behavior, and only two episodes have aired.

The latest Below Deck spin-off features an all-new crew taking on the cold waters of Norway, adding a new element to the hit-yachting franchise.

While the location and climate may be different, one thing remains the same.

There’s always one crew member, sometimes more, that gets under fan skins.

This time that honor goes to cowboy Kyle who has been beyond rude to Nathan Morley, acted inappropriately with Kasie Faddah, and upset Captain Kerry Titheradge twice.

Those actions have social media in an uproar over Kyle and with calls for him to be fired.

Below Deck Adventure viewers drag Kyle Dickard after two episodes

Twitter has been on fire with talk about Kyle’s behavior, especially when it comes to Nathan. Kyle has been rude and disrespectful to his bunkmate, giving off bad vibes to Below Deck Adventure viewers.

One user was straightforward, saying Kyle was rude and owed Nathan an apology. Another one called watching the interactions “uncomfortable” while comparing Kyle’s behavior to Ashley Marti from Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  

A different one called Kyle “disrespectful” and declared he has an “attitude.”

“The first red flag was Kyle needing to tattoo ‘cowboy’ on his arm to prove he’s a cowboy. But this hatred towards Nathan is painful and obvious why. I hope he is removed ASAP,” wrote one Twitter user.

Below Deck fans call out Kyle for actions toward Nathan
Pic credit: @camp_tru/Twitter and @AimeemayB/Twitter and @amanda_842/Twitter and @jennellens/Twitter

Kyle’s last name is Dickard, and that didn’t go unnoticed by fans either.

One Below Deck Adventure viewer stated, “Kyle is the poster child of what is wrong with America today.”

Plus, the deckhand was called out for saying Nathan was an attention seeker when Kyle ate a jellyfish.

Below Deck Adventure fans call out Kyle Dickard and Bravo

There’s no question that Kyle has rubbed many Below Deck Adventure fans the wrong way.

Several comments are calling or Kyle to be fired while also putting Bravo on blast. One user was also not thrilled with Kyle comparing Kassie to Blanche from The Golden Girls.

Below Deck fans bash Kyle
Pic credit: @IWedFred/Twitter and @forget xistence/Twitter and @Libbymck26/Twitter

A different Twitter user was not happy that Below Deck gave viewers “another inappropriate crew member.”

Yes, social media appears to want Kyle gone, with one user sharing a GIF to express their opinion.

It may not be long before Below Deck Adventure fans get their wish and Kyle Dickard is fired. Kyle’s already got one strike with Captain Kerry and based on the previews for next week, a second one’s coming.

What do you think of Kyle?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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hoku falanai
hoku falanai
1 year ago

never met a kyle that wasn’t a jerk but this dude takes the cake he’s arrogant, ugly, no class and an imbecile, get rid of him!!!

Geezy G.
Geezy G.
1 year ago

I think Kyle is racist! I’m from Texas and if it walks, talks and acts like a racist. It’s a racist! IJS

1 year ago
Reply to  Geezy G.

Your comment makes no sense, whatsoever. From my experience, the most racist people are usually the ones who see race in everything, regardless of the context, and thoughtlessly accuse others of racism without actual evidence. Also, “If it walks like a duck” could be applied to literally any argument known to man and it implies that there is factual evidence to support the claim, which you don’t have.

Xoxo go
Xoxo go
1 year ago
Reply to  Stevi

I questioned his attitude toward Nathan’s race from the beginning when he told Nathan he loved cocoa butter? I just wanted believe it wasn’t true, but his instant dislike of Nathan gives it away for me.