Bekah Martinez poses topless, says she misses posting ‘thirst traps’

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez, Bachelor Nation alum, poses topless on her Instagram page–says she misses ‘thirst traps’. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

Pixie cut to grown-out hair, Bekah Martinez is not known for shying away from the camera. In fact, she is all about putting herself out there.

However, fans have been missing her lately, as she has not been posting as much on her social media accounts. But don’t worry, the mother of two is back and is on fire.

Missing the ‘thirst traps’

Martinez took to Instagram, laying on a quilted blanket on top of her bed, topless. She has her arm covering her, but her hair down around her face, looking at the camera.

On her Insta page, to caption her photo, she wrote, “I miss you guys and I miss posting thirst traps. There, I said it.”

Fans took to posting on her new Insta photo and post, loving that she was back!

Bachelor Nation raved about her look and “thirst trap” photo.

Bekah’s fans love hearing from her and miss her “thirst traps.” Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

You might remember Bekah Martinez from her days on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. She was the youngest contestant on his season when it aired in 2018, at age 22.

Many Bachelor fans questioned whether or not Bekah was old enough, or mature enough, to not only be on the show but to actually get married.

In fact, Arie, himself wondered whether she was ready to take that step as the season progressed, but he still kept her around until Week 7.

Remember when Bekah disappeared?

Fans also remember the confusion surrounding Martinez when she supposedly “disappeared” and no one could contact her, or find her.

Martinez finally cleared the air, but the story is still so weird. She explained via her Instagram that she was, “broke after her time on the show, as she had to quit her nanny job to be a contestant.”

She went on to say, “I needed to make some quick cash, so I went with a friend to work on a weed farm trimming for a couple of weeks.”

Moreover, Martinez said she, “hit a bear on her way…the girl I was with got kicked off the farm. Then she got mad I wouldn’t leave with her when she got kicked out, so she texted my mom that I was being held hostage (by) meth heads with knives and then stopped replying.”

After hearing this, her parents obviously filed a report that Martinez was missing, but Bekah knew nothing of it since she had no phone reception.

She then claimed she “had a weird feeling and decided she needed to leave the farm right away.”

All of that sounds super confusing and strange, but it is what it is.

Really, it seems that fans just want more ‘thirst traps’ from Bekah, and they want to hear and see more of her on her social media platform.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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Dusty Huang
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