Bekah Martinez is ready to be engaged after rejecting boyfriend’s proposal

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez wants to be engaged now. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

Bekah Martinez is now ready to be engaged to her boyfriend and baby daddy, Grayston Leonard, but that wasn’t always the case.

The two found out they were going to be parents after just three months of dating, so they hardly knew each other.

But that didn’t prevent Grayston from proposing only two weeks after their first child Ruth was born.

However, Bekah said no to her boyfriend’s proposal because she didn’t think it was the time. She was hormonal, they were both upset about getting pregnant before they really knew each other, and because of that, their relationship was still rocky; Bekah felt like they had things to work through and talk about before taking that step.

Bekah Martinez is now ready to accept a proposal from her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard

Recently, on her TikTok account, Bekah posted a video of her laying on her bed, staring into space. She had a caption that stated, “wondering how my boyfriend’s going to propose.”

Then, she turned to a new clip of her hand in front of a couple of charcuterie boards with wine and candles on the table as well. On her hand was the engagement ring Grayston had already proposed with, and that Bekah had said no to.

That caption read, “remembering he already proposed to me three years ago and I said no but still took pics.”

Bekah and Grayston’s relationship now

Before and during the first proposal, Bekah didn’t want to get married just because she and Grayston had a baby together. In fact, they went to counseling to strengthen their relationship and work through the issues they had.

Bekah declared, “Now I feel ready to say yes. So, we’ll see what happens. I do foresee a proposal sometime in the near future.”

The couple now has two children together, Ruth and her younger brother, Franklin, and the couple is in love and living together.

Bekah has grown her hair out from her time on The Bachelor when she had a pixie cut, and she has recently shown her silly side by imitating Kourtney Kardashian licking Travis Barker’s face, as she did it to Grayston to see what he would do and say.

Whether there will be a proposal in the near future is still up in the air, but it seems that Bekah is ready, willing, and hopeful that she and Grayston will soon be engaged.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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