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Beddley duvet covers on Shark Tank: Where to buy and what makes them special

Lola Ogden
Lola Ogden presents her brilliant Beddley Duvet Covers to the Sharks. Pic credit: ABC

Tonight on ABC’s Shark Tank, Beddley Duvet Covers is up to bat for the sharks.

The ingenious design advantage that Beddley features on their duvet covers will delight anyone who has wrestled with putting a traditional duvet cover on a comforter.

Your bedroom should not be a place where contortionist moves are made for making a bed, or where two people are needed to get the duvet properly fitted on the comforter.

Too often, that is exactly what happens, especially if the little ties aren’t there in each corner of your old duvet cover.

Nightmare! No need for this anymore as a clever woman designed a sensical solution to the nonsense we all do to get the corners of the filler in the right places for the duvet to lay smooth and not have gaps.

Or even worse, put it in sideways accidentally after you seal up a bunch of buttons.

Struggling with a duvet cover is a thing of the past with Beddley. This is thanks to their beautiful zipper system around three of the four sides.

Verified reviews cite how well-made it is and how unobtrusive the zipper system actually is.

Easy on and easy off — what we need in our bedding in these trying times.

Who created Beddley?

Thank Ms. Lola Ogden, who created her business, Beddley, to end this madness we all go through when changing up our bedding.

Her goal?

Use her academic training in chemistry and physics, along with her business acumen thanks to her MBA from Columbia, combined with her background in finance and technology, and apply it to real life.

In her case, it was the stupidity of the design of traditional duvets she sought to think around and reimagine.

She did it brilliantly.

Beddley duvet covers on Shark Tank: What makes them special?

The Beddley duvet cover has an easy open and close feature, unlike the pocket style with one opening normally present.

The Beddley opens on three sides and easily zips/unzips. No more jumping around, shaking down a duvet, or wearing yourself out by shaking and snapping the duvet until all the edges are filled in where they need to be.

Or speaking for myself, doing the presto magic inside out trick, which still doesn’t guarantee the corners are filled properly.

The patented three-sided nylon zipper system includes dual zipper pulls. Just unzip the cover, place the insert on top, and zip it all back up.

Four corner ties prevent the insert from shifting around inside once placed, extra insurance the duvet, and the comforter filler join together completely.

Easy to put on and easy to take off to wash. The Beddley cover comes in three sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King.

The fabric is breathable, too, as the fabric allows air to penetrate the fibers. The fabric is also described in many reviews as pure luxury and is moisture repellent, made with soft 100 percent, 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton.

The photos on the Beddley website reveal stylish and classic designs too.

Made in the USA, you can feel good knowing your money is helping to pay the salaries of working Americans.

Where do we purchase Beddley Duvet Covers?

Head to their website. There is a special for Shark Tank viewers you can access and save money.

Beddley’s Shark Tank special deals include a $30 off Zero Stress Collection with code SHARK30 and $10 off Sleep Easy Collection with code SHARK10. Just apply your code at the time of checkout.

We are pulling for Lola to dazzle the Sharks — most of whom probably have not had to change a duvet in years… if ever — with her practical and perfect solution to quickly changing bedding up.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.