Becca Kufrin admits she talked to Blake Horstmann ahead of Bachelor in Paradise

Becca and Blake wear formal attire by the ocean
Becca Kufrin addresses her and Blake Horstmann’s relationship status. Pic credit: ABC

Becca Kufrin is set to make franchise history with her upcoming appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. She will be the first former Bachelorette to show up to the island as a contestant.

While Becca is ready to find love within the franchise yet again, she recently made it clear that one man she’s not looking for love with is her friend and runner-up, Blake Horstmann, even despite Blake’s willingness to explore their relationship further.

Becca Kufrin views her relationship with Blake Horstmann as platonic 

On the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Blake opened up about his communication with Becca over the past few months.

Blake revealed, “We did kind of chat here and there. And we were back in touch within the last like six months.”

Blake’s timeline suggests that Blake and Becca allegedly reconnected in early 2021, once Becca was presumably single. For two years, Becca had been in a relationship with the winner of her season, Garrett Yrigoyen, but Becca and Garrett officially split in August 2020.

During the podcast, Blake essentially admitted to having an interest in talking with Becca about rekindling their relationship and made it appear as though Becca’s involvement in Bachelor in Paradise may be the main obstacle standing in their way. 

Blake admitted, “I would be willing to talk, of course. But we’ll see how Paradise works out because she’s going to Paradise. And I don’t know.”

Becca got wind of Blake’s comments via her family and friends, who were all very curious to know if Blake’s statements on the podcast meant the two were back together. 

Becca told the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast,  “My friends and family were reaching out asking, ‘Are you and Blake together? What’s going on? What’s happening?’ I had no idea. I looked into the articles, and I listened to some of the podcast…not all of it. It was interesting for me as a listener.”

Becca confirmed that Blake was telling the truth about the two of them talking, but she claims their communication was allegedly sporadic and platonic. 

Becca shared, “Blake and I have always been friends. We’ve always been supportive of one another. In terms of the ‘talking,’ yeah, we’ve been in touch very sporadically, but nothing that I would say would warrant…a potential relationship.” 

Becca shuts down the romance rumors 

Unlike Becca, Blake passed on being a part of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. However, even if Blake were to show up on this season of BIP, Becca expressed that she wouldn’t be interested in pursuing a romantic connection with him. 

While Becca does feel that she’s on great terms with Blake, she also made it clear that there’s not much to the dating rumors between her and Blake. Becca shared, “[There’s] nothing romantic that I think people should be running with right now if that makes sense.” 

It appears that Blake’s interest in rekindling is unrequited as Becca seems to strictly view Blake as a friend during this time. 

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Blake had a particularly tough and scandalous experience that sent him into a dark headspace afterward. Hopefully, Becca will have a smoother time when she arrives on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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