Bear Brown explains why Billy Brown’s death was shown on Alaskan Bush People

Billy Brown walking with Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Billy Brown walking with Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

The death of Billy Brown shook his family to the core, and they chose to share it with the world on Alaskan Bush People.

This was a moment that tore the family apart, so it could have been understandable if they didn’t want to relive it on their television show but that was never a consideration.

Bear Brown on why Billy’s death was on Alaskan Bush People

Billy Brown died following a seizure on February 7, 2021. Just over eight months later, Alaskan Bush People showed this moment to fans on the show.

Bear Brown said in an interview with Hollywood Life that his dad loved Alaskan Bush People fans and he felt these fans deserved to get to say goodbye as well.

Bear said this included the moment of his death and the funeral.

“Dad loved the show, and he loved the people so much,” Bear said. “We think that the fans and everyone that loves the show deserve to see everything and to see his funeral and all.”

Bear continued, “We discussed whether or not to include it and we felt like we should include it for sure because we believe that is what Dad would want. I am doing alright. You think that you understand loss. I am just trying to keep one foot in front of the other.”

However, after 12 seasons, Bear Brown said it did not prepare them for how this episode would affect the family.

“That was the hardest episode I have ever filmed. I broke down several times during the filming of this,” Bear said. “My dad meant so much to me. I should have seen it coming because he had failing health for a while. It just seemed really sudden and out of the blue.”

Fans react to Billy’s death on Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People fans were shaken during this episode and they took to social media to once again mourn the loss of Billy Brown.

The television show’s official site asked fans what Billy Brown meant to them, calling him a “Husband. Father. Trailblazer.”

“My heart is breaking for all of them. Hope they stay together, he was the glue,” AG8407 wrote on Twitter. “Rest in Power & Heaven Mr.Billy Brown, you were a good man to your family.”

Alaskan Bush People 1
Pic credit: @AvaGrace8407/Twitter

“We all need a Billy Brown in our life. I lost my dad 5 months before Billy’s passing,” KeiKat wrote. “I understand the emptiness and Absolute heartbreak of losing our Rock & guiding light. I understand . Keep Going Strong Wolfpack! In His Honor.”

Alaskan Bush People 2
Pic credit: @kackdawg/Twitter

“Sometimes I cringed at his decisions but at the end of the day it was for the love of his family and I always had mad respect for him,” wrote CommonSenseHey on Twitter. “He was an original with a passion for being a pioneering homesteader and training his kids to live the dream. I hope the show continues -RIP man.”

Alaskan Bush People 3
Pic credit: @CommonSenseHey/Twitter

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery.

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betty j. morris
betty j. morris
2 years ago

Billy Brown was a anchor for his famiy, a real homesteader and tought his family the tricks to all trades to get them by in their future, very smart man but also had family get the family get together,and talk over everything with his family to see their point of views, there should be more Billy Browns,,we loved the show,and watched most all of them every time could,God bless you Billy, RIP