Alaskan Bush People exclusive: Bear Brown chainsaws limbs while Gabe and Birdie hold their breath

The look of slight panic says it all as Bear is wildly chainsawing a huge tree and might drop it at any time. Pic credit: Discovery
The look of slight panic says it all as Bear is wildly chainsawing a huge tree and might drop it at any time. Pic credit: Discovery

On Sunday’s Alaskan Bush People, airing on Discovery Channel, it is a classic case of which brother do you trust more with a motorized chainsaw that can whack off an arm in a second?

The first snowfall descended upon the Brown’s mountain in Washington and after completing the base of the “birdhouse” on her own, Snowbird, aka Birdie, recruited her two brothers, Gabe and Bear, to clear limbs before erecting walls on her first ever home.

It appears Birdie has more faith in Bear’s skills than Gabe’s as Bear convinces her he can clear limbs easily to help Miss Birdie build her first house up in a tree, a two-story one at that.

The Browns are all about getting it done and doing it yourself, so Gabe and Bear brainstorm the most expeditious way to help sister Birdie build this new house to live in.

It’s fraught with all sorts of danger because of the wildcard at this moment — a motorized chainsaw.

The clip of Birdie’s house being built is the third week in a row we are given another amusing snippet from the next Alaskan Bush People. It really shows how close Gabe, Bear, and Birdie are as siblings.

Birdie even introduced Gabe to Raquell Rose, his new wife whose courtship and relationship play out this season.

Watching Birdie hack away at the tree, a bemused and anxious to get it done Bear says: “Is this your little platform, Birdie?”

Not wanting to diminish her attempt at this noble task, Birdie begs to differ. She says: “Hey! It’s not such a little platform — it the beginning of my home.”

She says: “We have to limb the tree a little bit further up because I am going to have kind of a walk and a second floor.”

Sending Bear up to limb the tree with the chainsaw is definitely dangerous. and she says: “The main thing I’m worried about is …
him falling and he has a running chainsaw.”

Bear is wilding with that chainsaw! Pic credit: Discovery
Bear is wilding with that chainsaw! Pic credit: Discovery

While Bear is up in the tree, Gabe and Birdie are watching below and taking cover as huge limbs start crashing down around them.

Sadly, no vote of confidence for Gabe!

Birdie says: “It’s definitely hard to ask anybody to climb a tree with a chainsaw… but there isn’t anyone else that should have been doing it… You know I definitely wasn’t gonna send Gabe up there.”

She adds: “I’m a little nervous watching them do it. I just hope it’s not a mistake.”

Still in the tree up above, Bear yells: “Y’all stand clear…Timber!”

Birdie has her head down to keep from getting chips in her eyes. She says: “That’s not good,” as Bear zips around the huge tree buzzing down limb after limb.

The official logline from Discovery:

A medical emergency on the Wolfpack’s ranch forces the family to become more resourceful as they continue to build their dream on the mountain. Gabe’s hasty leap toward marriage has the family concerned.

Oh gosh…hope that it’s not a chainsaw related “medical emergency!”

Tune in to see the progression and hopefully, everyone makes it to the end of the episode with all their limbs and digits attached.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

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