Basketball Wives Season 7: Premiere date, trailer and everything to know about the cast and their drama

Some of the cast from Basketball Wives Season 7
New drama and new feuds are coming to Basketball Wives for Season 7

Basketball Wives is headed back to VH1 for Season 7 and the stars have already warned us that there will be drama. With six women returning after last season and at least two more joining them, there’s no doubt that the ladies of Basketball Wives will be bringing plenty of drama.

Several sneak peeks have been shared to turn up the excitement for the return of Basketball Wives and it’s working. So far, VH1 has shared new videos teasing the season itself as well as an up close and personal look into the returning cast.

They also shared videos to introduce the newcomers, Kristen Scott and Ogom “OG” Chijindu. As the Season 7 premiere date gets closer, we can expect even more teasers to be shared.

Which cast members are returning to Basketball Wives?

All six regular cast members from Season 6 will be coming back for more drama when Basketball Wives returns. Shaunie O’Neal, Tammy Roman, Malaysia Pargo, Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Jackie Christie will be right back at each others’ throats all over again.

Thankfully, the Season 7 sneak peek teases new drama and new feuds. Hopefully, that means Evelyn and Tammy will be done fighting about Evelyn dating (and sleeping with) Tami’s ex-husband before they were legally divorced.

Evelyn admitted the fling and even told Tami that she wasn’t trying to be messy so why all the drama? It’s not like Evelyn was sneaking around with Kenny Anderson while Tami sat at home. They were already separated.

One feud we’re hoping won’t be over quite yet is between Shaunie and Jackie. Remember last season when Jackie wanted to know if she and Shaunie were friends? The Basketball Wives OG responded, “I guess” and forever changed how we thought she felt about crazy Jackie.

Then there’s Malaysia, who was clearly going through some things last season. Shaunie told her that she lacked substance, something that was highly offensive to Malaysia. Will they be able to be friends?

Jennifer Williams was featured in one of the Basketball Wives sneak peeks. In it, she talked about returning to the series so she could show viewers another side of her this time around. In the past, Jennifer has had no problem feuding with various members of the cast. Will that continue or will she calm it down?

New faces joining Basketball Wives for Season 7

There are at least two new women joining the Basketball Wives cast for Season 7. That’s nothing new. Each season, production attempts to add at least a couple of new wives to the cast or in recurring roles but that rarely works out in the long run.

This time around, Shaunie O’Neal is said to be trying harder to get along with the new cast members so maybe this time they will stick.

Kristen Scott is one of two new faces that Basketball Wives fans can expect to see. She may be new to the VH1 series but she’s not new to the drama.

According to VH1, Kristen has a major ally on her side in Malaysia Pargo. Don’t expect Malaysia to flip on the new girl either because they are family.

Ogom Chijindu is also joining the cast for Season 7. She is dating Kwame Alexander, who plays basketball overseas. The other ladies may want to steer clear of fights with Ogom since she has plenty of experience playing for the Los Angeles Temptation in the Legends Football League.

Rounding out the Basketball Wives cast is Cecilia “CeCe” Gutierrez. She is currently dating NBA legend Byron Scott, best known as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers from 2014-16. What’s interesting about the addition of CeCe Gutierrez and Kristen Scott is that they are related in a way. Kristen is married to Byron’s son Thomas.

Season 7 of Basketball Wives is already gearing up to be an amazing season. Make sure to tune in and see what the ladies are up to when the new season premieres on Monday, May 14 at 9 pm EST on VH1.

Basketball Wives Season 7 trailer

Basketball Wives returns to VH1 for Season 7 on May 14 at 9/8c.

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