Basketball Wives beef: Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada feud ahead of Season 8 premiere

Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman on the Basketball Wives reunion
There’s no love between Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman ahead of Basketball Wives Season 8. Pic credit: VH1

Basketball Wives Season 8 is right around the corner and it looks like Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada will be picking up their feud right where it stopped. Now, fans of the show are getting excited as Evelyn and Tami’s latest fight has made its way to social media.

Shaunie O’Neal has teased that the premiere will be in June on VH1, though no date has been announced yet so we can assume that at least some of this drama will be filmed.

Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman’s latest beef seems to be a continuation in their game of exes. If you recall, Tami went ballistic after learning that Evelyn hooked up with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson after they had separated.

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Now, Tami is proving that turnabout is fair play in a much less invasive way than sleeping with an ex. Instead, Evelyn flipped out after Tami commented on one of Carl Crawford’s posts.

Tami Roman comments on Carl Crawford's post
Does Tami Roman’s comment really warrant Evelyn Lozada’s reaction? @1501_Ceritified_Ent/Instagram

While Tami’s comment on Carl Crawford’s Instagram isn’t anything to freak out about, that’s exactly what Evelyn Lozada did. In her Instagram stories, the Basketball Wives start went off on her VH1 co-star in a string of posts.

Evelyn Lozada's Instagram stories aimed at Tami Roman
Evelyn Lozada couldn’t stay quiet after Tami Roman replied to Carl Crawford’s post. Pic credit: @evelynlozada/Instagram

In response to Evelyn’s outrage, Tami Roman returned fire on The Shade Room’s post about it, suggesting that she tag her next time and letting Evelyn know that she’ll support whomever and whatever she wants.

It didn’t take long for Evelyn to respond to Tami calling her toxic, explaining why she thinks it is Tami who is toxic, not her.

While it is nice to see the Basketball Wives feud starting to heat up ahead of Season 8, Evelyn and Tami are going to have to do better than this. To be honest, Tami responding on Carl Crawford’s Instagram wasn’t that big of a deal. Now, if she slid into his DMs, that would have been a much better reason to go off.

What’s even more telling, though, is Evelyn Lozada calling Tami Roman out for avoiding her all season. Does that mean we’ll miss out on the on-screen Tami and Evelyn drama? If so, that’s too bad. We’re looking forward to an explosive season of Basketball Wives and can’t wait for the ladies to get started.

Basketball Wives Season 8 begins in June 2019 on VH1.

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