Banana Bag IV: What is the ‘miracle hangover cure’ from Jersey Shore and Vanderpump Rules?

Scene from Jersey Shore Family Vacation and a Banana Bag
Ronnie Magro, Vinnie Guadagnino and Pauly D drinking in the hot tub with women from the club on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Last night on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the cast was pretty hungover — until they were hooked up to Banana Bag IVs, anyway.

The same treatment also popped up earlier this week on Vanderpump Rules, and now viewers want details on this miracle hangover cure. Do Banana Bags really work and how do we get our hands on one?

It’s no secret that most hangover symptoms are the result of dehydration after too much drinking. In order to relieve hangover nuisances like a headache, bloating, and nausea, one really just needs to get hydrated again.

The idea behind the Banana Bags that were seen on Jersey Shore has to do with quickly hydrating the body and replacing vital nutrients that may have already been lacking or that were lost after a night of hard partying.

Vitamin-infused IVs aren’t really a new idea. Many have been using them for years for their health benefits, but usually it’s something you’d have to go to a clinic to receive. However, on both Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Vanderpump Rules, the IV treatment was delivered right to their homes, making hangover recover even easier.

Lady Gaga once posted an Instagram Live video which featured an image of a Banana Bag, during her Dive Bar Tour in 2016. The caption read: “Pre-show prep ?.”

The contents of a Banana Bag and other nutrient-rich hydrating treatments vary depending on who is performing them. NutriDrip in New York City, whose Chief Nursing Officer spoke to Decider about Banana Bags, has a product on the market which it’s claimed can help kill a hangover fast.

They offer twelve different options as far as what kind of nutrient drips can be administered. Their “lounge” is located in New York City, though, and unlike what we saw on TV this week, they don’t come to your house.

The reason that the Banana Bag is called that is actually due to the color of the liquid, not the nutrients that the solution contains. IV fluids are typically clear like water but when vitamins and minerals are added to the mix, it turns yellow, hence the name.

While it’s never a great idea to drink in excess, an infusion of IV fluids with vitamins and minerals could potentially be a quick fix for some of the symptoms a really nasty hangover.

Some who have tried it say that the IV treatment can help make you feel better almost immediately. But of course it’s not a complete cure, and certainly not a reason to drink too much!

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