Bailey reveals what her mom told her about Jeremy on Love Island USA

Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

There is one thing that happens on a show like Love Island USA — the Islanders have no contact with the outside world.

They have no idea how the TV show is portraying them and what the public thinks about them while they are in the villa.

This is what happened to Jeremy Hershberg, who went from one of America’s most hated Islanders to one of the most beloved.

This also almost cost him Bailey Marshall, who he coupled with to reach the finals.

Bailey’s mom warned her about Jeremy on Love Island USA

Bailey and Jeremy spoke to Alex and Elizabeth on After the Island and they shared a funny story about Bailey’s mom.

Before it was time for Bailey to cut off her contact with the outside world, her mom told her not to go for Jeremy.

“My mom literally told me, don’t go for Jeremy,” Bailey said. “He’s not fun or exciting or anything. Then I met him, and he was like totally the opposite of that.”

Jeremy started laughing and said, “Your mom hated me already.”

“She likes you now,” Bailey said. “You didn’t get to see his personality in the beginning because it was so much about the romantic relationships, but then all the new people — Andre and K-Ci came in, us three newer girls and them were all talking, we were like, ‘yeah, Jeremy’s so much better than we expected.'”

“Which is good, you always want to be better in person,” she said, trying to soften this for Jeremy.

Jeremy’s happy Love Island USA finally let him show his personality

Jeremy said in the interview that they had no idea what the show was going to air, and he was shocked it aired him mocking the tweet that he had no personality.

It was moments like that that allowed Alex and Elizabeth to change their opinions of him. They mentioned that they compared him to a cockroach that just wouldn’t go away. But by the end, they voted for Jeremy and Bailey to win it all.

Jeremy talked about winning fans over.

“I’m glad my personality and who I was pretty much the whole time, they shed more light on it,” Jeremy said. “I know there’s more important things happening in the villa with the relationships other than just like showing my weird goofiness.”

“I’m glad the last week or two, I was able to kind of like really show that and you know have some of the people that hated me maybe start to like me a little bit. That was nice.”

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live the third season right now on Paramount+.

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