Bachelorette star Ali Manno reveals she has skin cancer

Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky reveals she has cancer. Pic credit: @alifedotowsky/Instagram

Former Bachelorette star Ali Manno, formerly known as Ali Fedotowsky, has revealed she has skin cancer.

The married mother of two shared the news on her Instagram account just weeks after she shared that she was going to the doctor to get checked for a darker spot of skin on her body.

“A couple weeks ago I found out I have skin cancer. When my dermatologist used the c-word, I just about fainted in his office,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

The 35-year-old former reality star goes on to explain that she was diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma. When caught early, it’s never really fatal, as she explains.

Ali decided to share photos of her before-and-after biopsy photos, so people know what to look for. As she points out, this isn’t the first time she had the skin removed after finding darker spots on her body.

Just six months ago, Ali found out she had cells that could be cancerous. She had that spot removed and is left with a scar above her belly button.

As part of her post, she explains that Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. As she points out, it’s no big deal, but it is a big deal if it’s not caught early and treated. She advises her fans to get their skin checked out at least once a year to ensure everything is alright.

Given her past, Ali explains that she now goes every three to six months, just to be sure.

In the comments, she revealed that she would undergo surgery on January 30 to have it removed.

Ali is married to Kevin Manno. The two got married seven years after she appeared on The Bachelorette, where she got engaged to Roberto Martinez in 2010. Ali and Kevin have two kids, Molly and Riley, and they often share fun glimpses of their life in California on Instagram.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.