Bachelorette front runner allegedly sent unsolicited pictures after a date

Rachel Recchia
One Bachelorette contestant allegedly sent unsolicited photos. Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

It’s only been three episodes into Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s co-Bachelorette season, and already so much has happened.

Because of the unique format of this season, fans have been speculating how things would work since the announcement that both women would be The Bachelorettes.

Fans have seen Gabby and Rachel in tears multiple times, and the season has just begun airing.

Bachelor Nation has watched the girls make up their own rules as they go. They canceled the first rose ceremony, sent Chris home for sexualizing them, and also couldn’t believe what Hayden and Jacob said to Gabby during their one-on-one time on the group date.

Now there is yet another Bachelorette contestant who has come under fire for allegedly sending a girl unsolicited photos since filming the show.

While this claimed news is just coming out to the public now, as the girl has released the information, this suitor who allegedly sent the photo is still on the show going into Episode 4 and is considered a front runner.

Which current Bachelorette contestant reportedly sent the unsolicited photo?

According to the podcast, She’s All Bach, one of Gabby and Rachel’s current men who is still in the running on the show, supposedly sent an unsolicited picture to a girl back home after the show was filmed.

This alleged contestant is one who both girls had a connection with, but Gabby seemed to let Rachel explore it with him more, even though she too felt something with the guy.

The man who was supposedly caught sending a d**k pic to a girl is Logan Palmer.

This particular woman stated that she met Logan in 2020 on Hinge, and they hooked up some during the pandemic.

However, she relayed that she lost interest in Logan and broke it off; since then, she claims that Logan won’t leave her alone and is constantly commenting on her Instagram pictures and posts.

She said, “He left for Bachelorette filming, and when he got home, he sent a message asking if I was dating someone. I didn’t respond so he sent a d**k pic.”

The woman said of Logan, “He asked to come visit me in my new town, but I laughed him off because I’m not interested.”

As seen in the Instagram post below, one of the co-hosts, Stephanie Parker, said she did not get the alleged picture sent to her, though.

Bachelor Nation fans react to alleged news about Logan Palmer

Bachelor Nation fans took to the comments section of the Instagram post to share their reactions.

While one woman wrote, “Omg,” another shared three open-mouthed emojis to signify their shock over the alleged news.

One even wrote, “Guys. Never ever is it ok to send a [eggplant and camera emojis]” to represent what they meant.

Another woman exclaimed, “Real question: are there ANY women out there like unsolicited [eggplant emoji] pics??? Like where did men get this idea that this is the way to our hearts. Or into our pants?!”

Viewers can't believe someone would send such a picture to a woman
Pic credit: @shesallbach/Instagram

While another viewer heard this supposed claim about Logan, she gave some insight into who Logan reminds her of. She claimed, “Logan? He reminds me of a mix of Jake Owen, Matthew McConoughey and Jed lol.”

Another responded to the previous commenter and stated, “@mollieaking I thought he was the new Evan Bass but everyone talks about him like he’s the hottest guy there? I live Evan but I was surprised by Logan’s popularity.”

Fans were surprised Logan was so popular.
Pic credit: @shesallbach/Instagram

For the entire She’s All Bach podcast episode about this alleged news on Logan Palmer, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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