Bachelor villain Victoria Larson wears bikini and claims ‘Haters gone hate’

Victoria Larson close up
Victoria Larson clapped back at her haters with a throwback bikini photo. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Victoria Larson well and truly became the villain on her season of The Bachelor. While every season has to have one, it’s always hard to know if that person is actually not very nice or if it’s all down to editing and producer antics.

Going on The Bachelor and calling yourself a “queen” or a “goddess” probably isn’t going to win you tons of friends and admirers, though, so in her case, the term “villain” may actually be warranted.

In any case, since her stint on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, Victoria has remained primarily out of the spotlight and currently works as a real estate agent in California and Florida.

Even her Instagram profile, which boasts 97.6k followers, is not often updated, but when she does add a picture, it’s always a stunner.

In her most recent post, Victoria showed off her incredibly toned figure in a string bikini that featured a knit blue, gold, and brown pattern on the top and bottoms. Green string held both pieces together, with the bottoms featuring longer strings she held in her hands.

Victoria was on her knees in a pose that flattered her body shape while on a sandy beach with green trees and a golden sun in the background.

Her blonde hair was down in wild waves and pushed off to one side, and her makeup featured a dark smokey eyeshadow and dark red lipstick despite the outdoor setting.

She shared the Instagram post to her Instagram Stories, writing at the bottom, “Haters gone hate,” most likely in reference to her reality TV infamy as a villain of her Bachelor season.

Victoria Larson in a green string bikini on a Miami beach
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

In the actual post, it appeared Victoria was responding to more haters in her comments with some sarcasm and wit, writing in the caption, “Gosh I hope my value as a woman & realtor doesn’t decrease because of this photo ❣️ god forbid some random small minded person from Nebraska doesn’t think I’d make a good house wife 🤣.”

Victoria Larson in a bikini Instagram post
Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson previously shared a Miami bikini picture

Victoria is no stranger to sharing bikini photos online, especially considering the fact that she lives in Miami, where the temperature is perfect for going to the beach all year round.

At the beginning of December, she showed off a bright orange bikini that emphasized her glowing tan perfectly. She stood next to surfboards on a white sandy beach with condos in the background.

Her bikini featured a long-sleeved netted top with simple matching bottoms.

Victoria promotes houses and apartments she sells as a real estate agent

Victoria frequently shares some of the houses and condos she sells as a real estate agent on her social media, with the most recent being a residence in Miami that will be finished in 2024.

The breathtaking apartment features marble walls throughout, with large bookshelves, a massive bedroom, and a gorgeous view of the ocean.

She asked followers to DM her if they are interested in living in the Miami area.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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