Bachelor star Courtney Robertson reveals she was told she couldn’t appear on Dancing with the Stars

Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor
Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson

There have been a lot of Bachelor Nation stars on Dancing with the Stars, including Matt James this season.

However, there have also been rumors that other stars from the Bachelor franchise were not allowed to be on the show.

Kaitlyn Bristowe recently explained that The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss wouldn’t allow her to compete on the show for years. Now, another Bachelor star is saying she was told she couldn’t appear on the show.

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This is Courtney Robertson and her story is different from Kaitlyn’s.

Courtney Robertson wasn’t allowed to be on Dancing with the Stars

Bachelor star Courtney Robertson spoke to Us Weekly and told the site that she had a chance to be on Dancing with the Stars.

Robertson was on Season 16 of The Bachelor and ended up winning the season and getting engaged to Ben Flajnik.

She explained that, after The Bachelor, she had a chance to appear on Dancing with the Stars.

“I had a meeting with them right after my season [of The Bachelor],” Robertson said. “That was one I would have loved to have done.”

However, there was one thing standing in the way.

Ben Flajnik wouldn’t allow her to do it.

“He was like, ‘If you do it, you won’t have a fiance,'” she said.

This was disappointing for Courtney, especially considering they broke up after just two months together. She also said she missed out on a lot of money.

How much does Dancing with the Stars pay?

“They explained the whole thing, like, you get to pick out your music and design your costumes,” Robertson said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I would be sparkling all over the place.'”

“I got to go and sit in the front row and watch [the show]. And each week you go on, they pay you more. There’s, like, an incentive.”

When asked, she said that she would get $150,000 to join the show and then another $30,000 each week she remained on the show.

Courtney then admitted that she wouldn’t have been able to do the show anyway since they made the offer to her, but the cast was mostly decided before she could say yes or no.

That was likely among the reasons for the messy breakup between Courtney and Ben. She released a memoir explaining all the ups and downs of the relationship, and Ben said they didn’t speak for years after their breakup.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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