Bachelor Season 23 premiere tried something new: Fans hated it and Colton Underwood was left out

Colton Underwood on Season 23 of Bachelor
Colton Underwood should have been the focus of the Season 2 premiere of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

ABC decided to make The Bachelor a three-hour premiere, and season 23 of the show was supposed to kick off with a huge party. However, the three-hour premiere didn’t exactly give viewers what they were hoping for.

In fact, the whole first hour was dedicated to only a few introductions. The majority of the time was spent checking in with viewing parties across the country. In addition, Harrison showed a clip of former Bachelor stars and their adorable children.

While it’s always nice to catch up with former contestants, it simply wasn’t the right time. Fans were furious that so much time was spent on these viewing parties.

Before the show was half-way done, two couples had gotten engaged on national television. These were simply people at the viewing parties, stealing the focus away from Colton Underwood.

It’s clear that viewers were not pleased that they had to practically beg on Twitter to see Colton. After almost 90 minutes, the women hadn’t even come out of the limos yet.

Plus, the live viewing parties would be interrupted with proposals. While it is adorable that people want to get engaged on The Bachelor live show because they have been watching The Bachelor together for years, it simply stole all of the attention away from Colton.

Hopefully, ABC learns a thing or two about these viewing parties. It’s clear that the people who are at the parties love them and are having a blast, but people are home on their couches are not happy that they have to watch people party for a whole extra hour.

On the next season of The Bachelorette that airs in the spring, it may be better if ABC simply kept it to a two-hour premiere and left out the live viewing parties. Fans wanted Colton Underwood, but they simply got everything else.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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