Bachelor ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson ‘shifting to a new reality’ in first bikini photo of 2022

Matt James and Victoria from Bachelor
Matt James and Victoria from Bachelor. pic credit: ABC

Victoria Larson was a villain on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, but the self-titled Queen is ready for a new reality in 2022.

Victoria took to Instagram with her first bikini photo of 2022 and wrote that she is “shifting to a new reality” in the new year.

Victoria Larson posts new bikini photo

Victoria Larson rang in the new year on January 1 with her first bikini photo of 2022.

The former Bachelor hopeful sat on a red couch outside with her dog on a leash. She wore a multi-colored bikini top with short jean shorts and basked in the light of the sun.

She captioned the photo as only the self-proclaimed Queen could.

“Basking in happiness and gratitude for intentional living and shifting to a new reality,” she wrote, with two sun emojis after her comment.

It was a welcome post, with fans praising her “Queen vibes.”

This comes just three days after Victoria posted another photo of her on a boat in a little green bikini with the caption, “Winter? idk her.”

It seems that Victoria has decided that winter is not for her and she is ready to sport a bikini any time of the year.

Victoria looks very different from her Bachelor days

This is a very different-looking Victoria than the one who appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

On that season, many fans felt Victoria was mean, often bullying the other women vying for Matt’s attention.

When her bullying came to light in the Bachelor house, she ended up going home early.

Matt took Victoria aside when a newcomer named Ryan told him that Victoria was calling her a “hoe” and bullying her. Matt told her this was not acceptable and then said that he was not comfortable with people name-calling.

Matt then gave out his roses, and while Victoria claimed she was the only one for him, he sent her home in tears.

“I’m upset because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Victoria said, before leaving the house.

“I honestly feel so sorry for you that you will listen to here say instead of facts in this situation,” she finished, while refusing to hug him when she left.

When she returned for the Women Tell-All, Victoria issued an apology to Bachelor Nation since it was shown on The Bachelor, and she called it a “hard learning experience.”

Since she left, Victoria has stayed in the public eye thanks to her social media profiles. She now has blonde hair and enjoys mostly wearing tiny bikinis in her Instagram photos.

It also appeared that Victoria had some cosmetic work done, with her lips looking much fuller in these new photos.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC. 

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