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Bachelor Nation stars slam The Bachelorette finale for ‘cruel’ humiliation of Tino Franco 

Tino Franco
The Bachelorette Season 19 finale comes under fire after Tino Franco drama. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 19 finale delivered tense drama as cheating allegations, leaked texts, and more were addressed.

Tino Franco was at the center of much of the night’s drama as it was revealed he cheated on Rachel Recchia after their engagement.

Tino kissed another woman while engaged to Rachel, and cameras filmed Rachel and Tino’s heated confrontation as Rachel urged Tino to be honest and accountable for his actions.

Instead, Tino brought out a book of quotes from Rachel that he appeared to suggest pushed him into the arms of another woman for what he deemed a “tiny” kiss.

Rachel and Tino broke up during the conversation and continued their tense discussion in front of the live audience on After the Final Rose.

In a surprising turn of events, Rachel’s runner-up Aven Jones then walked out and asked Rachel if she wanted to leave with him, to which she happily agreed.

Tino was then left to watch Rachel and Aven walk off as he awkwardly stayed on stage with Jesse Palmer.

Many viewers and Bachelor Nation stars felt uncomfortable with how Tino was humiliated on the show and took to social media to share their thoughts.

The Bachelorette called out for demoralizing Tino Franco

Bachelor Nation’s Ashley Iaconetti was shaken and unhappy with how Tino was treated on ATFR, calling the moment “cruel.”

She tweeted, “I’m really, truly, upset by the way that moment was handled. It was cruel. We can support Rachel and not absolutely publicly demoralize someone.”

Bachelor Nation tweets
Pic credit: @ashleyiaco/Twitter

Nick Viall shared, “Whatever that was…I hated it.” Ashely reacted to Nick’s tweet by further emphasizing how cruel it was to humiliate Tino even despite his unfaithfulness.

Bachelor Nation tweets
Pic credit: @ashleyiaco/Twitter

Bachelor Nation’s Chris Bukowski also agreed with Nick’s tweet and hated the moment.

Other commenters urged the franchise to be better after belittling Tino.

Bachelor Nation tweets
Pic credit: @viallnicholas28/Twitter

Reality Steve slams the show’s decision to embarrass Tino

Bachelor Nation’s top spoiler source, Reality Steve, also shared his thoughts on the situation.

Realty Steve acknowledged that Tino messed up and cheated and made himself look bad, but it didn’t justify bringing Aven out in front of him.

His tweet included, “But doing this w/ Aven like I told you would happen while Tino is on stage is bulls**t.”

Reality Steve Tweets
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

The eventful finale certainly got people talking and feeling torn on disapproving of Tino’s actions while also being upset by the show’s handling of Tino’s actions.

What do you think of Tino’s tense finale appearance?

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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